Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! symbolism stories

pandora SUNY Purchase Student
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Poem of Domestic Arguments, Arguments that make the house shake and the young ones run

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

A lion and a tiger live in my house

I hate their roars

My voice is as silent as a rabbit

As they slash slash slash

Our home gets trash trash trashed

Bash Bash Bash

I warn beware

Lion Paws through walls

What I’d give to be a bear

After the battles the tiger is calm

While she still rattles

Her paws are soft and welcoming

The lion sits ticking like a time bomb

Pride to great

To admit to any mistake

When the lion roars all run

Except the tiger

She stands and defends us

We wish though she didn't fight fire with fire

Her roar is just as fierce

Even my wails and screams can't pierce through their roaring

Once I had seen

That even the tiger could scream

The lion had scared her into a corner

She told him to leave but still he'd still scorn her

The tiger tears spilled

And for once I couldn't take it

My anger filled

And from then on I became a bear

Without a tear I endured the roars of the lion

Without a tear I stood tall

And when the lion closed in

I didn't let him know he scared me

Now the lion stays in his cave

And with his pride

He acts like he has done nothing

Nothing at all

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