The Zombie Apocalypse
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This may actually happen, so scientists be careful!

The Zombie Apocalypse

It's been five months since that day, and I feel so bad. Though I had no control over it, I feel terrible.

All it took was one glance, one glance out the window at the busy street, and now people are dying all around, as they can't get to food or water, or they are bitten.

I think it is better if they die from dehydration or hunger, as if they are bitten they never get to rest.

They are stuck in this world forever, hidden away in their house, trying to resist the temptation to bite, to devour, to satisfy the hunger. But it will never be satisfied. Never.

I know that from experience. But I couldn't help but take a bite, and that one bite caused the biggest scientific oddity in history.

How did they come back? How is this possible? There has to be an explanation. But there is only one explanation.

The accident in the lab caused me to be created, and after hiding away for years, I couldn't resist. So I caused the biggest zombie apocalypse in history.

The country might recover, but some people will have mental scars for the rest of their life.

The kind that can't be healed, the kind that only the right person can distract you from, but never make it go away. So, if you are a scientist, be careful not to have any accidents.

I did, and now this happened. I feel so bad, I feel like it was my fault for being thirsty when I was, and accidentally spilling my drink. My fault for becoming a zombie.

My fault for being hungry. But they can't blame me for being myself, as they always tell me to. How can they? So it isn't my fault for all this, but I feel like it is.

Homes were destroyed, people lost their families, people lost their pets. I wish I could go back in time, go back a year, and tell myself to wait to have that drink. But I can't.

I will put myself into exile, so this doesn't happen again. So, if you find this diary, you will know how The Great Zombie Apocalypse Of 3864 happened.

Please, tell people about my tragic tale, about how zombies can't be blamed for their behaviour. Now, goodbye.

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