The Vaccine Nobody Wanted
The Vaccine Nobody Wanted horror stories

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Ok, I can't remember the last time I posted any of my writings in any public forum... He ll it was probably high school. Please go easy on me.
I follow Daily Flash Writing Prompts and one of the first line prompts stuck out to me. Enjoy!

The Vaccine Nobody Wanted

Ok, I can't remember the last time I posted any of my writings in any public forum... Hell it was probably high school. Please go easy on me.

I follow Daily Flash Writing Prompts and one of the first line prompts stuck out to me. Enjoy!

Prompt: My left arm hurt

My left arm hurt. Since I'm right handed, the nurse said the injection had to go in my left arm.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE shots? The abhorrent smell of the alcohol wipe, the sharp sting of the needle, the feeling of the medicine entering your veins. I can't stand it.

If it wasn't for this damn virus, I wouldn't have to be here now. OK, if it wasn't for my job forcing us to get the vaccine, I wouldn't be here now.

The Pandemic really screwed everything up. Everything shut down for months! Schools, restaurants and stores. People on ventilators for weeks at a time, others dying everyday by the thousands.

The Governor went live on Facebook every day, trying to calm everyone's fears and keep us all updated.

We had to wear masks everywhere and stay 6 feet apart. Even families had to isolate from each other.

The elderly were at severe risk, so many people stayed away from their parents and Grandparents.

Then one day, some scientists believed that they had discovered a vaccine.

Shortly after, a large tech company announced that their hired scientists had developed their own version of the vaccine. We all knew that one was purely for profit.

Personally I didn't trust either of them.

How can you trust two completely different medicines that were created less than a year into the worst pandemic the world has seen since the Flu of 1918?

I still had to choose or I wouldn't be allowed back at work. So I went with the vaccine created by real scientists, not hired monkeys. My phone rang as I drove home.

I hit the Bluetooth button on my steering wheel to answer.

" Hey Mom. What's up?"

"Did you get it?" I laughed at her anxious question.

" Yes Mom. I'm heading home now."

"Any side effects?"

"No, it' s only been twenty minutes. It'll be hours before any side effects show. Other than a sore injection site, I'm fine."

"Good! I got my second shot this morning!"

"Wait, your second? Tell me you didn't get the Tech shot?"

" Doctor didn't give me a choice. That's what they had."

"Ugh. Okay, well go home and get some rest. The side effects for the shot can be bad."

"Yes darling." I could hear the chuckle in her voice. "You get some rest too. Love you."

"You too mom. Bye."

I hung up the phone as I pulled into my driveway. I made it as far as my couch before my legs gave out. The 12 hour overnight shifts at the clinic were killing me.

I turned the TV on to a random station to drown out the noise of my neighbors and passed out where I sat.

It was dark when I woke up. I must have slept the whole day. I blinked to clear the fog of sleep and noticed what had woken me. The TV was blaring the Emergency Broadcast Alert. "That's weird.

" I checked my phone only to find several missed calls from my mother and Kasey, my best friend. I called Kasey first. She answered on the first ring.

"Thank God! I'm on my way to your house now!"

The panic in her voice sent shivers through my body. " Why? What's going on?"

"I was on my way to knock down your door and-"

"You have a key, Kasey."

" Not the point, Becks! Why haven't you answered your phone?"

"I've been asleep! I worked overnight at the clinic last night. Now for the love of all that is Holy, will you please tell me what's going on?"

"I'm here. Open the door and I'll tell you everything I know."

I ran to the door as I watched her pull in my driveway. Shutting the door behind her, I followed her into my kitchen and sat opposite her at my table. " Kasey, talk to me."

"It's the vaccine. Apparently there's something wrong with it. People are getting...sicker. "

"How much sicker?"

"Like, attacking other people, sicker."

" the risk of this sounding like the beginning of a really bad zombie flick, I'm going to ask you to clarify. People are...eating other people?" I wanted to vomit at the thought.

" No. Nothing like that. Becks, what vaccine did you get?"

" The CDC one."

"Good. It's the tech company's vaccine that is causing weird...side effects."

"Like what Kasey? God, please tell me what the fuck is going on!"

"Everyone wanted the profit vaccine. They wanted the name. So most people got that one instead of the CDC's shot. Then, a few hours ago, people started going crazy.

Running the streets, attacking others, beating people to death! It's horrible. They're not zombies because they haven't died. The side effects start simple. Headache, drowsiness, body aches.

Then you pass out. When you wake up, there's blood pouring from your eyes and mouth. attack. "

"Oh my God. OH MY GOD!" I jumped up from the table.

"What Becks?"

"My mom! She got the tech shot! I have to call her."

I grabbed my phone and dialed. I listen to it ring with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It rang over and over with no answer. I tried 3 more times. "Kasey, she's not answering.

We have to go get her!"

"Girl, it is crazy out there."

"She's my mother! I'm going, with or without you!" She stared into my eyes for a few seconds before nodding.

"Okay, let's go. I'm with you."

The ride to my mother's house was heavy with unease. My fear was so thick in my throat that I thought I would choke on it.

When we pulled up in front of her house, I found that I could not move. " I don't think I can do this.

I can't walk into my mother's home and find her killed by some sick, non zombie, zombie freak. "

"Do you want me to go?" In that moment, I could have kissed my best friend.

"Please? I know I am a horrible person and daughter but I just am not that strong Kasey."

"It's okay. I'm strong enough for the both of us, remember?" She smiled at me as she exited the car. I watched her stroll up the walkway to the door. She walked in and I waited.

It felt like hours, but I'm sure it was only a few minutes. Then I heard Kasey scream.

" No! God please not my mom." I ran from the car to find out the cause of Kasey's scream. Walking into my childhood home, I couldn't help the tears.

"Kasey? Mom? " I saw no one as I walked through the living room. When I made it to the kitchen, I stopped in my tracks. Kasey was laying on the floor, surrounded in a pool of her own blood.

" No...Kasey." I sobbed.

That was when I heard a strange, almost animal like growl. I looked up and there she was. Blood poured from her eyes and mouth. Lips pulled back in a grisly snarl.



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