Regretting my regrets
Regretting my regrets  glass stories
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pandaboy Pandaboy
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How far ?? So far to read and write Poems online :)

All it takes is a moment to just sit back and observe the Inner room mate ,as put forward by Michael A singer in The Untethered soul .

Regretting my regrets

My posture is straight and arms on the wheel

eyes on the rear with a guilt feel.

Imagining it different, where I could have been .

Out came the noice of a an eloquent breeze

Falling behind, I watched my thoughts ,

enjoying the ride, I sit back and observe.

It move me on auto pilot, day dreaming what could have been .

Did I imagine it differently ?

Same canvas and a different scene ?

It fades with reality but lets us grow.

Make peace with it, just let it go

Man and mistake , like string and the twine, it is alright to repeat, do it twice.

No more regrets i told myself . Starting now, like red rag to a bull.

Regretting my regrets , I put a smile on my face.

I drove this far, so it is atleast half full.

Thank you for reading 🙏

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