Escaped By thunder

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Little horror story, from a patients point of view.

Escaped By thunder

A teenage girl sat on the counter, clicking at the computer keys silently, all that was heard was the storm outside, the girls breathing oh, and the typing of the keyboard.

It was almost pitch black, except for the glow of the moon from the kitchen wlbindow, and the soft glow of the computer screen. Rain putter-pattered harshly out side, a strike of lightning flashed, making her jump.

A knock spunded from the front door. "Sydney... i'm sure your able to open the door by yourself, you have a key." She groaned, as she walked over, looking through the peep hole.

Through the peep hole she saw nothing, except for the dorm halls. "Huh...weird" she starts to walk back over to the kitchen. Another knock was audible. She turned and glanced at it. She opened the door, coming face to face with Sydney.

The girl sighed in relief. "Come on in, sydney, you must be soaked.." the girl led her over to the couch, and threw a blanket over Sydney. "Lets watch the news, shall we?"

"I- uh..... sure, Cindy." Sydney murmured quietly back. Cindy turned the news on. The screen flashed on, showing a reporter woman. "Tonights there are reports of missing people. And news flash, a menta asylum has reported a client missing.

"The other two missing cases are Sydney corotina, and Cindy windchest."

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