I understand her
I understand her

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palegreenbaby Community member
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When you feel misunderstood

I understand her

Stubborn And stronger then most people are

She suffers inside, but she doesnt let annyone see whats on her mind

Her eyes are green and shines with sparkles And i know How she suffers

I see the contrast Between her beauty And to what i see and recognise inside of her

I see her and understand

I understand

I want to shout to her I want to reach her But im hypnotized

I want her to see me And to let her know that i see her And that i understand Not like anyone else who might have not seen through you Under all the layers, fouge, teers which her still face hides beneath it

i see her And i want her to know that.

But before i can plan my actions ahead I see her brown hair waves behind her and dissapearing As she vanishes around the corner ...And she is gone

...And its like she never was And never exsisted... Nobody noticed she is gone.

But she left me knowing. Cause she left a mark in me-

For as i am her And she is me

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