as depersonalization takes over

as depersonalization                            takes over depersonalization stories
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palecitysiren i escape with each stroke of the pen
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I'm afraid to tell you this but I feel as if I am not human, and I feel as you are not human as well

as depersonalization takes over

As I slowly reverse down my driveway I lose my personality and my judgement with each passing stop sign and forget where I am with every light turning a new hue as I propel forward Main Street loses focus in my rear view mirror

As my environment blurs together continuing on I don’t know where I am going on the same path everyday and forget the purpose of humanity like it truly doesn’t exist as I always arrive at the same destination at the same time everyday

As I am surrounded by friends and strangers I realize the falsity laced on my tongue after each conversation and forget my sincerity impulsively without a cause and effect as I know my happiness is nonexistent when I am insignificant

As my distorted body lays down to rest I watch my life through a lens rolling through each scene and forget a sense of reality hearing each line of the script play-backed as I waste time being motionless while expanding and shrinking all at once

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