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paintedinthesky Community member
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“all I ever want is to be with you, truly you’re on my mind all day and even in my dreams”


You did love me once.

It feels like a lifetime ago but in reality your smile is just a summer away.

Your arms held me from June to September, protecting me from the the vast unknown.

Your eyes locked on mine, filling my sight and blocking my view of the end. It turns out the end was near and inevitable.

If I knew the last time you kissed me would be the last time, I would have given you everything I had. One last ditch attempt to pull you closer and not let you go.

You did love me once, so why did you stop?

When did I become nothing to you?

Nothing more than a polite phone call and a nonchalant dismissal of the passion I thought we still shared.

Nothing more than a "don't expect anything" a "then I guess we're done."

You did love me once.

But once can't last forever.

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