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Reflection of summer love

I remember

I remember your favorite color,

Your birthday,

Your middle name, and the brand of deodorant you wear.

I remember the jokes you told,

The songs we sang,

And the times you insisted on leading when we danced.

I remember every time I cried in front of you;

Every awkward moment,

Every argument, and every apology.

I remember when you first asked if you could kiss me;

How long we waited,

And how perfect it felt when our lips finally met.

I remember long nights in the hammock garden.

Refusing to go inside despite the cold,

Because we didn't want to let go of each other.

I remember the first night I slept in your bed.

And the first night you slept in mine.

(Our roommates made fun of us for weeks)

(You left your glasses by my window)

I remember walking up to the top of the hill.

It was too dark to see you but I didn't mind.

You held my hand the whole way.

If I can remember all of these things, these small moments in time's great expanse,

Why can't I remember starting to fall in love with you?

And why can't I remember when you stopped falling in love with me?

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