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Confused love

by paigeyhodge

The thing is I loved you and I had my moments when I really loved you but they never lasted.

Most the time I was confused, angry and bitter towards what you had done to me and what I had done because of it.

I may have never showed it but thats what was going on in my mind.

The spark was gone. It has been for a long time.

I don't know why I didn't leave you the first time you did it. I mean i didn't even really love you then, I could have easily got over you. But I stayed.

I think I just wasn't ready to be alone. I wanted someone to cuddle, to kiss.

But then it kept happening and the cuddles and kisses I wanted didn't seem so important anymore.

None of it seemed worth it; worth the heartbreak... actually I wouldn't call it heartbreak more like disappointment.

Disappointment that I am about to waste more time on someone who doesn't deserve me.

And yet I still stayed. I stayed for 2 years.

Here I am now thinking why? Why did I stay when clearly I was only pretending that I was truly happy.

I can't explain why I stayed. All I know is that I'm leaving. Leaving him behind.

Another draining love to become part of my past.

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