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by paigeyhodge

I told you I’m in love with you. You said it back, you said it more times than me.

But now I’m not so sure you meant it or maybe you are fighting it because you are scared about your ex.

I bet you didn’t expect to find someone like me. To fall in love again. I bet you expected to go back to her. But now you have me.

I wish you could see how happy we could be. You know we are meant for each other. I’d do anything for you.

But you wont put me first. It’s still all about her.

You probably will break my heart very soon, you already slowly are.

But the difference between me and you is that I am stronger, I will move on. Quicker than you’d ever expect.

My heart can be cold. It’s learnt to be. But your heart is still weak. You haven’t had your heart ripped out.

So when you leave and begin to realize what you had with me, I’ll be long gone and then you’ll feel it.

Your heart being ripped out. Love without love in return.

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