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paigeveitch | read&write
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pollution, destroying nature.

mother earth

The day is gone,

The sun sets it weary head against the land, and then to rest,

And the moon creeps into the sky, so tranquil and slow,

Half covered by a blanket of black and smog,


Hidden like the scars beneath her skin

Her skin that was once striped with rivers, and trees and animals,

Is now crawling in roads and buildings,

The green is disappearing.

Even still, it is a sight to behold


Her beautiful skin offends her mind

What was once an untamed jungle, is now a vacant grey wilderness,

She stares in horror as the water disappears,

The moon, that's so hidden in smog, weakly illuminates the shame

And she feels the scars beneath her skin, that she knows no one will ever see.

For who can ever reach the heart of Mother Earth?

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