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paigefeather A Sad Kid Who Tries
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An example of my day


I wake up and it takes me four minutes to put on my socks

It's a seven minute walk to the bus stop and a fourteen minute bus ride

Two thousands pupils filling in and yet I feeel alone

I'm late to assembly but my teacher doesn't arrive for first period

I'm left to go study on my own

But I can't focus

I go home and go to bed because I am tired

I've been awake seven hours and I'm tired

I haven't eaten in over twenty-four hours but I'm not hungry

I take off my socks that took already too long to put on

And I go to sleep

I wake again at the smell of food but I do not eat it

I am not hungry, I am tired.

I listen to music for a few hours, mainly so that my family do not hear me cry

And then I go back to sleep

Because I am tired.

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