a padwan's secret.
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a Padawan that has a secret she doesn't want to share.

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a padwan's secret.

by me1

I am drug out of the transport with a ugly look on my face. I resist at all costs but he wont have it. I give up and walk with him.

His glimmering lightsaber catches my attention and I reach out to it without thinking. He smacks my hand away and says,

"You will learn your place, young one."

I roll my eyes as we quickly go up the jedi temple steps. "Please master, I might soon be expelled if the council finds out I snuck out again. Please?"

He looks at my eyes and I smile begging him to have mercy.

"Allana, this is the third time this month. How do i know that you will not do it again?"

"I will leave the jedi order if you catch me again."

"Woah, that's a little harsh, how about you do community service for a month, and I report you to the council."

"Fair enough," I smiled, "thank you Anakin, people mistake your kindness."

"Now get out of here," he smiled, punching me friendlily. I walked back to my chamber glad I had talked my way out of another punishment.

That event took place maybe three years ago, i was only a youngling, now i'm a padawan, to shaak tii. I lived up to my word, never snuck out again. Oh, and Anakin has got his own padawan I hear.

And finally, I have my own lightsaber. Its true color is purple, and I know that means I use the dark and light side. I had someone in the underworld of Coruscant help me change it to blue.

It's my only secret, and one big one too. If the council found out I used the dark side, who knows what would happen.

Knock knock

"Come in!" i said, throwing my lightsaber across the room. "Ahsoka!" i said getting up to embrace her.

She was one of my closest friends from jedi training, and my neighbor, not to mention we were born on the same planet, but i wasn't a Togruta. She sat down on my bed and kicked off her boots.

"Guess who is a padawan?"

"No way!" I squealed. "Who!?" Ahsoka was about 2 and a half years younger than me, I had been a padawan for a year and a half. She had been waiting for this.

She was the top of her class, which meant we were early to get masters.


"Uh, Obi Wan kenobi?"

"Close, oh! Who was his padawan?"

"No way! You got Anakin?"

"We just finished our first mission."

"Yay, I'm happy for you ahsoka."

"How's shaak Tii?"

"Oh you know, she can be strict but she is better than ever," I smiled.

"I have a mission tomorrow ahsoka. Were going to the outer rim, i've got to sleep, but i'm happy for you"

"Thanks Ana, see you later!" she said exiting my room. I sighed. I always wished I could have gotten Anakin as my master.

We were close, he cared for people, unlike any other jedi, he was unique. Seeing anakin seemed nice, we both had rough pasts. I knocked on his door and it slid open.

"Allana?" he asked, getting up from his desk.

"Hey anakin." Aniken was 18, and I was 14, we were only 4 years apart.

Age in the jedi culture was something that often wasn't paid attention to, allowing deep relationships, without attachment, between every age.

"How are you?" he asked looking up from a project.

"I'm ok. You? I heard you got a padawan. I must admit I was quite surprised."

"Yes, it was a little bizarre, but i'm glad to have her."

Me and anakin were so similar in almost every way. He was a rule breaker, like me. He was also a pilot, also like me. But our personalities couldn't be any more different.

"Aniken," I stopped, "you're unique."

"And?" he asked.

"I am too," I said, picking up a mini model fighter on his desk, "I'm not sure who to trust with this."

"With what?" he asked.


We were interrupted by my master, Shaak Tii. "Allana, aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"Sorry master." I turned around and gave Anakin a look saying, i'll tell you later.

"Goodnight." I turned and ran down the hall to my chamber. I laid in bed thinking, maybe that was the force's way of telling me that it was a secret, one I wasn't to share.


I rushed to get ready, realizing I had overslept, again. I was supposed to be at the platform ready to leave. I rushed quickly attaching my lightsaber to my belt and rushing out the door.

Without watching where I was going, I ran into anakin.

"Allana! Slow down!" he said, helping me up.

"I got to go anakin, I'm late!"

"Wait!" He said blocking my path, "what were you going to tell me?"

"No time!" I said dodging him and running off. Out of breath, I arrived at the platform barley in time.


"Save it allana." she said turning around.

I sighed and followed her into our ship.

"We have a long path before us, go in the chamber and run lightsaber drills." she said, taking the pilot's seat.

She knew I loved piloting and hated running drills so this was basically a punishment for being late.

"Yes master," I said, trying not to sound angry. I mumbled to myself going into the back.

"Run drills? Really?" I rolled my eyes.

I reluctantly pulled my lightsaber out and ignited it to find I had grabbed my purple lightsaber!

I must have stood there for a few minutes before realizing that if shaak tii walked in, i was dead. I unignited it and had to think. I couldn't ignite it if it was broken, so i had to break it.

Struggling to dismantle it I took out the emitter making it unable to ignite. I crushed it and scattered it across the floor. I tested it and it sputtered and failed to ignite.

I couldn't tell shaak Tii, or she would try to fix it on board. It would have to remain a secret for now.

"Allana, your back. Make yourself useful and co-pilot."

I nodded nervously and sat down.

"How was your drill?"

"Good, I think i'm getting better at the technique." I lied.

"Good." she smiled.

Utter fear ran through my blood, any Jedi could tell I was lying if they looked hard enough.

"Excuse me master," I said getting up. I returned to the back. And made a transmission to Anakin, I didn't know who else to call.

"Allana?" he said with a shocked look on his face.

"Aniken, I need your help." i said checking my surroundings.

"With what?" he asked.

"I can't show my master my lightsaber, ignited."

"Why?" he asked, confused.

"Because- just trust me anakin, like you did several years ago, remember, when i snuck out?"

He nodded. "Aniken, how do i make sure that my lightsaber doesn't ignite?"

"Well did you take out the emitter?" he asked.

"Of course I did."

"Then you should be good, unless there's another emitter on board. What you could also do it make it look like you have an emitter in by putting a cilder in it above the ignition."

"Thank you anakin, you don't know what this means." I ended the transmission and looked for a cilder. Unfortunately i couldn't find one. It would have to do without it.

"Allana!" my master yelled, "Were here!"

"Oh boy" i muttered.

We got off the ship to a clouded city in the sky. I nervously glanced at my broken lightsaber on my belt.

"Master kenobi!" I said surprised. I did a quick glance to check to see if perhaps anakin was here, but he wasn't to be found.

"You and Anakin are a pair," I laughed, "is he here?"

"Unfortunately no, anakin is on a rescue mission with his new padawan."

"Oh." I was a little disappointed.

"We are mounting an attack on the separatists."

"What! An attack, when?" I worried without my lightsaber I would be dead in no time.

"Today, come in so we can brief you." Kenobi said gesturing into the large shiny building.

"Master, excuse me, i need to make a call." she nodded and followed kenobi into the building.

I called Anakin not knowing what else to do.

"Allana? Again?" he said, sighing.

"Listen anakin, i need you to go back to Curosont and get my lightsaber, ASAP."

"Ana, listen your lightsaber-"

"Is your life, I know, anakin please." I begged.

"Im sorry, Ahsoka is hell-bent on rescuing Plo Koon, we're far from Curosont. Why? I thought you wanted to break it." he asked.

"Well, i did, but now we're mounting an attack on the separatists, today, and i don't know what to do without my lightsaber." I whispered.

"Ana, you're a skilled jedi, you have all you need. I believe in you," this time he ended the transmission and left me wondering how the heck i was going to survive this.

"Allana. How nice of you to join us," my master said gesturing to her side.

I nodded, hardly listening to the briefing Kenobi was giving us.

The battle was to commence in 2 hours. Those two hours passed faster than I wanted them too.

"Ready?" my master asked.

"Yup." I lied.

We were flanking along with a couple hundred clones from the south on the ground. We waited in position. We were in a forest, which reminded me of my home planet.

My long brown hair blocked my vision so I tied it back waiting for the separatists. Soon the clankers came into sight, I charged forward along with some clones.

I used the force to push away the droids, but dodging the shots was hard. As I plunged into the battle I found that my clones aren't behind me.

Overwhelmed, I am forced to surrender to the droids. They snatch my lightsaber and grab me with their two fingered metallic hands.

I get a hard punch in my face and next thing I know I'm in a cold prison cell. It's a ray shield making it impossible to penetrate.

"Hello!" I demand. My voice echoes through the cell, but I don't get a response. I fell back as my stomach rumbled. My long brown hair is tangled, so I pull it back.

I had to get out of here, but how? My white dress thing is smudged. My outfit was like a mens robe, but short and a little more fitted, lots of girls had tights but I left my legs bare.

I was usually always hot. Of course I had a Jedi robe but I wasn't currently wearing it. I had sleeves that went from my wrist to my forearm, they were leather but flexible.

On them I usually had a wrist com and occasionally some ammo. I had a belt around my waist to hold my lightsaber, which was gone. I always wore leather boots.

I grunted and looked around for an escape.

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