Exiting Metropolis
Exiting Metropolis train stories

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A train journey takes the author away from the city, but he is drawn back in thought as a foreboding perception of society emerges.

Exiting Metropolis

Green glitter streams past my hammer glass window.

Through it, I glimpse ever changing dull light canopy,

each with its own swell of mystery.

I had nearly forgotten the city behind.

The fading clatter of drills, now an enjoyable hum.

The sweltering heat amongst the lonesome crowds,

now so comfortable and alone.

For all its potency and collaborative mind,

the city is bare in comparison.

When the homeless grumble for change,

what change is it they're asking?

So dense this societal mess. True pressure. True stress,

yet false in a primal sense.

Towering with height, yet minuscule in time.

Is it our foremost blunder?

Chance, opportunity, connected-ness, with the thrill of those that leap forward,

our collective bubble in pursuit, we rise above our roots.

Or is that a pseudo truth?

leaving further and further still more gaps to fill with needles or shows,

the uncannied likeness no one would dare to know,

the causality, it seems, no one would care to know.

Ignorance grants immediate bliss to those keen to stare at phones.

Cognition then fades, redemption is missed,

as our planet is still under its forth most blitz.

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