Life is a lesson...
Life is a lesson...  poem/rhyme/love/lesson/life stories
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pablos29 not grammatically correct
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Life has many lesson we all must learn
though mistakes maybe be repeated for the things in which we yearn

Life is a lesson...

I will never forget you, forever you will be the liar, the cheat who tried destroy me You used me cause your sad and lonely you asked me to be your one an only

Still you went out to see other guys try to keep me convinced with your lies You knew of my troubles, knew of my past thought I'd found someone to trust at last I tried so hard to be everything you needed in the end I saw the real you, I gave up I conceded

You broke my heart, you hurt me deeply ruined my trust in others completely Ungrateful, uncaring, untrusting, unkind Another like you I hope never to find

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