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p33ly a bipolar roller coaster
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this is a song i wrote about the one that i loved

my mistake

you said a lot of things that you never really meant i knew at the time but my heart was hellbent

didn’t want to admit that you weren’t the truth but you were by far the most interesting thing to do

so many songs have been written about you

too many times my eyes have run dry i hate to admit that i was lonely and you were mine for the time

take your drunk “i love you’s” i don’t really need them because in the morning you still didn’t mean it and i don’t want to cry i don’t want to cry

in my thoughts you were a beautiful creature one worth exploring, one made with reason

turns out the lights weren’t the only thing that could change

i thought that i knew you, and maybe i didn’t maybe i did, but you’ll never come clean and i don’t want to cry

save your apologies, i don’t really need them save your mistakes, i know cause’ i felt them save yourself from your mind cause’ that’s the only thing holding you back

i’ll save my jokes drenched with teeth and sarcasm and you’ll save the pictures but act like you didn’t

but you never once told me you loved me, and meant it

now it’s all said and done, i loved you, you get it it’s all said and done, i wish i’d forget it

you’re my mistake and i don’t want to make it a third time

cause’ even then you’re not mine

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