“fuck it, i’ll be myself now”
“fuck it, i’ll be myself now” writing stories

p33ly a bipolar roller coaster
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ode to mental illness

“fuck it, i’ll be myself now”

the past three-hundredsome rises have left me feeling like i just met myself

truth was always hidden by disguises fortified to the sky, all trespasses fail

set in a tower behind the iris guided from the back of the shelf

led myself out in foil i reside in the knight time i’ll pose hero to fake it just in time for daylight

another dance around the sun, what a ray i’ll become from my lessons learned come the turns of the gasses burning up

everything turns me terrified i’ll be damned if i’m petrified i’m aware that i’m a cobbled stone in a sapien’s homo

jack of all trades, hope to master at some point i’ll win poker face in any game, gamble in perfection of being numb

lights on in a home occupied by none but on the flip when the feelings hit i’ll fight to keep them on

energy of existence, what generates my persistence even when i self destruct i’ll reside and sew the stitches

questioned my belief in the cosmic cliff check the conservation of energy, got it?

end of this race of being obnoxious, if you need it? i’m not it

if by now you don’t think i haven’t completely lost it in truth, whatever, i might be the one that caused it

i’m glad, thankfully don’t matter in the end

at least i know i’ll never break, but there’s a chance i’ll bend

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