STIGMA. w/poetry stories

ozdenferay97 writes short thriller poems
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A short poem about stigmas.


There was a stain on the floor that I couldn't clean So I hid it under an old mat I really don't think I need to be explaining why I hid it It's only natural But it steals my sleep away A disgusting smell rises from under the mat Nobody seems to care except me They think it is only natural But it is toxic to me...

Cleaner lady is my companion I trusted her with my life She sometimes slacks off and just pretends She bravely does it But I let her she is way over me Because she taught me so many things About the stain How to defeat that

Months later The smell is worse than ever I can't sleep I sleep than I wake up Maybe it is possible to move to a new house? That sounds ridiculous And too good to be true Because I am just an old house owner with an old mat

This time I went to a butcher As a mad requester He hated me at the first sight He knew me at the first sight Butcher cut off my nose Now I sleep better and will sleep fine Until the day the smell finally intoxicates me

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