Failed at Exam.
Failed at Exam. poetry stories

ozdenferay97 writes short thriller poems
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A short poem about exams and university.

Failed at Exam.

In my defence I was handicapped I thought I saw her face again It creeped me out, all of stressed Memories I put to count as main When you read my long poems You will hear them a lot Since my everything, consists Of disguised obsessions plot .

School teachers taught me so many But one How to protect your harmony Define Possible causes of diarrhea Oh I Can be a good physician If I Stop afraiding humans

That's why I am always failing Exams are so many I have no hope remaining Sane and feels to carry When I look at my patient She looks at me with disgust When she looks at her doctor She looks like about to combust

I am tired of memorising You are tired of listening Would it be more important if This was my last lines Before failing for the last time I am not able to recoveringsoon. ....

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