Oikawa Tooru and His Kneecaps by @oya_oya_oya
Oikawa Tooru and His Kneecaps

by @oya_oya_oya fanfiction stories

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A younger Oikawa Tooru (Haikyu!!) learns a lesson about volleyball from Iwa-chan's gruffness.

Oikawa Tooru and His Kneecaps by @oya_oya_oya

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Oikawa Tooru cawed across the volleyball gym, almost shattering a window.

"Shut it, Crappy-kawa, I'm getting you a band-aid," his friend- well, uh... comrade? Iwaizumi Hajime hushed in annoyance.

"B-but Iwa-chan... it huuuuuuuurts...! I've been sliding too much during practice..." he whined, giving Iwaizumi 'puppy eyes'.

Iwaizumi grunted and rolled his eyes, then forcefully rubbed some petroleum jelly on his scratched-up knee.

"OUCH! IWA!" Oikawa cried out, furrowing his eyebrows and crossing his arms like a child, only to fall over because of the lack of balance in his knees. He hit his head on the sleek floor.

"Look, you need to get more of a... a fighter spirit in you, especially when you get hurt. I can't have you on the team looking good but not going against the pain better.

You've got good form, but when it comes to even hitting the ball.. you're like that kid who was on the news a few years ago that broke his finger when he dribbled a basketball."

"WH-WHAT?!" Oikawa gasped, absolutely devastated that Iwa-chan would say something like that. He was extremely oblivious to the way Iwa felt about him.

And to further prove that, Iwaizumi ignored him.

"All I'm saying is practice more. And WORK ON THOSE FLOOR SLIDES. That might make you a slightly better player." He huffed and got up to go get his backpack.

"It's time for me to go home, but since you hang out with your girlfriend so much, I figured that you need some part of the day to yourself. Take this time off, and work."

Iwaizumi spiked the volleyball in his hand to Oikawa. Oikawa ran to get it, but he missed and slid to the floor, landing on.... you guessed it, his kneecaps.

He yelped to himself, and watched Iwa-chan walk away, leaving him to suck it up and learn to play.

He got up, and started to hit against the wall, like he'd heard someone on their team say was a good way to practice. He felt like he wasn't doing it right though.

After the seventh time he'd rammed himself into the wall, he realized he probably should've been setting the volleyball against the wall, not him. So he started doing that.

Eventually, he got the hang of it, but it took an hour or so. And a few head bonks. He then looked up a tutorial video on his phone on how to slide correctly on the floor in volleyball.

He had to rewind it several times to even process it through his brain.

Once he was about to actually do it himself, his girlfriend started blowing up his phone, so he turned off all his notifications on apps she could talk to him on and sighed loudly.

He got on his belly and slithered, but felt ridiculous, and assumed he should try to go all the way from the air to the ground like a penguin does.

When he tried it out, it felt like somebody amplified the pressure of a belly flop in the pool. He kept trying different heights, hoping it'd end soon.

As he finally got the right form, his knees almost looked swelled.

He took a minute to rub some more of that jelly that Iwa left for him on his knee. Leaning against the wall, he said to himself, "Y'know, I could make my knees represent something."

"This could be a spiritual thing." As crazy as it sounded, that was what most of his ideas went like, so he went through with it.

"Let's see... Oh! Oh! I know! It's like, ummm..."

"When Iwa-chan hurts me with his words, I've learned to brush it off and it only makes me stronger!"

Yes, he was a little crazy for giving himself a full-on pep talk in an empty gym, but at least he was figuring out his emotions.

"When I hurt my knees, it somehow makes me better at volleyball! Yeah, yeah, that's it!"

He kept chattering to himself until he looked like Iwa when he practiced. He was so proud of himself, he took a video of it and sent it to everyone on the team.

So, no matter how crazy he was, or how strange his methods and way of thinking is general still is, he was able to figure it out. With his knees.

(This story was a work of fanfiction, and was set in a time before the series Haikyu!! started. I really hoped you enjoyed! See you in the next story! -Oya)

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