Ask the Seven (Q and A) Part 1

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Q and A with the seven!

Ask the Seven (Q and A) Part 1

Mal; Hey guys, welcome to Ask the Seven part 1! I'm Mallory and I'll be....your host.....Leo? Leo; Mhm? Mal; What are you doing? Leo; What's the use of flamin' hot cheetos if they're not actually flamin'?

Percy;.... He's not technically wrong......... Mal; Whatever. Leo, you do you. Leo; (Happy Pikachu face.) Mal; Anyways, ON WITH THY QUESTIONS.

Annabeth; ...I still can't get over the fact that you two are related. Mal; I still can't get over the fact your dating someone who has the IQ of a melted crayon. Percy; HEY!

Hazel; Guys, can we please get going with the questions? I promised Nico I'd help repaint Hades cabin today.

Mal; Alright then, let's get to them! First one is for Jason; What would be your ideal older brother?

Jason;.... Jason; Doesn't Thalia basically count as my brother? Mal;... Annabeth; He's not wrong. Mal; Fine. I'll take it.

Mal; Next question is for Hazel, Frank, and Reyna: What do you guys think of Camp Half-Blood?

Frank; It's pretty nice. Ares cabin is....tolerable for the most part.

Hazel; Well, siblings wise I don't have much to complain about since Nico's the only sibling I have. He's pretty reasonable and quiet, so yeah. For the most part, Camp's been great.

Reyna; It's been good. Hunters cabin is pretty chill. The only thing I'd have to complain about is when Hermes cabin replaced all of our Shampoo conditioner with pink hair dye, but we already took care of them.

Mal;...Wait, what? Reyna; I said we took care of them. Mal; What's that supposed to mean though? Reyna; (Sips cup of tea) You'll have to wait and see.

Mal; So um...ah....any-anyway, the next question's for Percy and Annabeth; What would you name your future kids?

Percy; (Inhales) Annabeth; Say Sebastian and Ariel we're getting divorced. Percy; (Sulks) But it's a good twin name! Annabeth; NO, and that's final.

Percy; .....fiiinnee.....I've always liked the name "Marina" I guess... Annabeth; I like the name "Conrad". I always thought it had a nice ring to it.

Mal; So Marina and Conrad? Annabeth; Yep. Mal; Percy? Percy; ..... Mal; Uh, Percy? Percy;......

Mal; Drastic measures I suppose. Mal; FRESH BLUE NACHOS AT THE MESS HALL! Percy; (Runs at the speed of light) Mal; Wait! Percy, we aren't done yet!

Annabeth; Just let him go. It'll just be a waste of time to try and drag him away. Mal; (sighs) Oh well. I guess we can all use a Nacho break anyways. See you, Readers, at the next Ask the Seven question and A!

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