A Letter from a Suicidal Girl
A Letter from a Suicidal Girl suicide stories

owloaktree I write poems
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This is a poem based on my suicide note. I obviously didn't commit suicide though. This is my first poem on here so I don't really undertsand this outlet

A Letter from a Suicidal Girl

I am told I am too quiet

That my voice,

Which will always be

Muffled under the heavy thoughts of

"it's easier unheard"


"you can't be judged for words you don't say"

Is quiet

I don't need to say something

when you look someone in the eyes

and know they are thinking the same thing

I don't need to say something

when I give you all the clues

I look at you

with glassy eyes

Eyes that are crystal clear

you stare at them

and what lies behind

The panes of glass

The pain behind glass

Ghost tears you must know are there

But you don't care.

Why am I not surprised?

You glance off

Stare at the teacher

scratching his lesson into our ears

until it's engraved

I hope my eyes

That said everything

are engraved in your head

I left my door open a crack

The door to my soul

I showed you the lack of l i g h t

Now it may be lack of l i f e

You didn't care

You will care

When you realize

What will happen

Wouldn't happen

if you had cared

You care now

but now isn't then

and mistakes can be forgiven

but life can't be re-given

what you did can't be undone

because my glance held everything

and to you it meant nothing

I was quiet

Now I'm silent

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