Thanks, Friend
Thanks, Friend pain stories

ovanesyan im from russia and i write poems in eng
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This is me showing my trust to someone I’m trying to call a friend. I have a mental barrier, that doesn’t let me use this word, but I’m trying every day to break it. I’m still learning to write poems in English, so my rhymes are a little ruff 🙈🙈🙈

Thanks, Friend

Throughout the year I’ve been in pain The scars around my heart have kept me blind With my vision clouded in my doubts I gained Throughout my life that was unkind

On the edge of the abyss I was Standing, crawling, falling down Hanging on my fingertips, alas! And then the darkness covered my town

But in the season of blooming The light came down on the sinners town Spreading hope and repulsing glooming Darkness that came over my town

The light came up and said the f word No, not the curse one, but nonetheless The word that shook me, made me take the sword To defend my back covered in daggers bites

Expecting daggers at my back I coated it With darkness layered cold steel shell But the light heated it, breaking and throwing it And the F word yelling around my cell

I started listening to it Closer and closer every day With my sword ready to strike away But you just bashed through it

I decided now to embrace the light Taking it and answering to the cursed word


That’s what I call this light and yourself Knowing it won’t fade away.

Thanks, Friend.

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