He visits your sibling in the hospital
He visits your sibling in the hospital bts stories
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I texted Namjoon and told him to meet me by the hospital. He was going to meet my little sister.

He visits your sibling in the hospital

I texted Namjoon and told him I would wait for him in front of the hospital building. Ten minutes had passed, so I decided to go in by myself. He isn't able to answer right now. I guess he must be busy.

I sighed and gripped the bag that was in my hand. I turned around and started walking into the building on my own.

I walked to the front desk and was greeted by a lady with a pretty face. "Hello, what can I do for you?" She smiled I told her I was here to see my younger sister. She nodded and typed my name into the computer in front of her. She told me the room number, which I already knew. And I started walking there.

Standing in front of the door, I peeked through the glass window that was on the door. I noticed a guy sitting right next to her. I opened the door as gently as I could and tiptoed into the room. I started listening to what he was saying.

"She means everything to me. She makes me laugh all the time. We have so much when we're together." That's when I realized it was Namjoon was talking. He was talking about me.

He was talking about me. I looked over at my sister, and her eyes were open; she was looking at him. I started getting teary-eyed, and I quickly wiped them away. Namjoon noticed that I was behind him, and he turned around to pull me into a hug.

Namjoons POV I arrived at the hospital 10 minutes earlier than I was supposed to. I decided to shut off my phone just in case it rang and disturbed Y/n's sister in the hospital. When I walked into the hospital room, I saw Y/n's sister sleeping on the bed.

"Hi," I smiled, "I'm Y/n's boyfriend. My name is Namjoon." I moved a strand of hair out of her eyes and put it behind her ear. She opened her eyes slowly and looked back at me. She looked just like Y/n and had a pretty noticeable double eyelid. She was almost as pretty as Y/n.

"Y/n told me a lot about you. She loves you a lot." I told her. "She also told me about the accident. When you get better, I want to hang out with you and Y/n." I paused. "She's going to be here soon, so I'll say this fast." I cleared my throat. "I love your sister. Y/n is the kindest person I've ever met."

"I admire her so much. I don't know how she can pay for your medical bills and still manage to be with me. Once you get better, you better thank her a lot. " I laughed a little. "She means everything to me. She makes me laugh all the time. We have so much when we're together." I sat there looking at her face until I realized Y/n was behind me.

I noticed Y/n was crying, so I pulled her into a hug. "How much did you hear?" I chuckled. "Not much," she laughed, "I'm sure it was beautiful though," She ruffled my hair and walked towards her sister's bed. I decided to give her space and leave the room.

A nurse saw me outside the room and pulled me aside. "Are you Y/n's boyfriend?" She whispered to me. I nodded while she smiled back at me. "She's a brave girl. It's hard to be able to pay for her sister's medical bills. Thank you for making her happy," She bowed and walked away. If only I was as strong as Y/n.

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