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Harry grew up not knowing he had a sister or parents, but now he has built his company, & with his tech becomes the hero, Crimson Justice, & with the magical people, it's up to him to keep the peace! Harry has his hands full-with The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., & an evolving world of Mutants, & to top that off; two realities start colliding as an alien invasion fleet heads their way.


CyberTech Worlds Clash

By Myrddin MacLeod of...

CyberTech World Clash Chapter I Seraph

In one of the largest buildings London had ever seen. Well, it was the largest building in London, and one of the tallest buildings on the planet. Harry Avalon was half a mile underground, under the building. He was twenty-three years old. He was sat on a high-backed leather padded chair at his desk while he was deep in thought. Around him were computer panels and gadgets, engines, cars, docks containing all kinds of machines that would awe most people even if they couldn't tell what they were supposed to be. However, in front of him was a huge near-transparent giant screen hovering there, and causing him to frown in worry, annoyance and confusion as he watched the Cybernet satellite video feed showing a large village (or small town) in Northern England. However, what was so confusing about the recording were the odd men wearing long black robes with white masks and their hoods up covering their hair. Though, from his point of view they were all jeering and laughing as they used some kind of… well he was not sure what but they looked like little sticks that fired different coloured light, which did something horrid to the people they were attacking. Though that not being enough there were some giant sized (at least twenty to thirty-foot-high) things stomping on people as they ran and cried. "Seraph!" he suddenly said as the satellite image froze. In a swish and light storm of wind, she appeared out of nowhere in front of him. She was quite beautiful with long emerald green hair with darker, near black roots down to her butt, curved and wild. She was wearing green leather half boots with black soles and wearing a green top with white patterns and swirling symbols, and sleeves ending at her pulse and over the back of her hands in a point. Her green leather trousers were tight to her legs with a black belt around her waist with a skirt open at the front that hung back down to her heels. It was green from the top, dark, going down it got lighter until it ended white. The belt had a silver buckle front and centre with a C and T logo in smoky black mimicking cogs. Seraph’s eyes were silver, and she had pale skin and dark shadows around her eyes and green lips and fingernails. She was only five foot five, slender, small chested, and cute. She looked to be around twenty at the youngest, and she looked semi-amused as Harry rolled his eyes at her. “Seriously, Sera!” Harry said while rolling his eyes again. “Are you ever going to change out of that cosplay getup?” Seraph smirked as she gave him a spin. “Come on, Darling,” she said happily. “You named me after a mythical wind spirit!” she said as she happily hopped up into the air and floated as some wind seems to curl around her. “Anyway, wasn’t Selphi the wind spirit?” She shrugged. “I don’t know… well, yes… its confusing,” she replied while shrugging. “The books and the archives do conflict on many-.” “Seraph!” Harry quickly interrupted as he gestured towards the large screen. “Sorry, Darling,” she replied with a grin with her upbeat English accent, but she didn’t look towards the screen and Harry didn’t expect her to. Harry rolled his eyes. "So, what’s your opinion on what they are?" he pointed towards the screen again anyway. "One can never have too many opinions, and the Orbital Research teams have already given their opinions on the matter, and you’re a super computer." “I’m supercomputer doesn’t do me justice.” “Sera!” “Okay! Okay!” Seraph did not even give the screen a glance as she finally replied. "If I say what I think they are you'll think I'm malfunctioning," she said impishly. "As for what my system analysis says, well," she shrugged. "I don't know what they are." Harry sighed and rolled his eyes again. "Just tell me what you think they are. Make a guess." She shrugged. "Um, I don't know what I should call them, but the large things are either mythical giants or mecha with holographic skin to look like giants. As for the humans they are either using some weird new tech; they are mutants, aliens, or they are magic, witches and warlocks, or maybe wizards; there are so many names for magical humans through the mythological archives I'm not sure what they would be called if they truly existed." Harry sighed while shaking his head. "What about the police reports?" "Apparently witnesses and survivors say a hurricane destroyed the town and killed the people," she replied with a little disgust at that. Harry growled a little, angry as he fast-forwarded with a small holographic panel hovering above his right armrest. The men with masks and black robes had left, and more came and did something with those who saw what happened. Though these one's were different in that they wore different types of clothes and did not hide their faces Harry doubted they could be trusted. "If this truly is magic then they used it to modify those people's memories!" Harry growled furiously. "But why would they do that and not just kill them too?" asked Seraph eagerly since her creator was not calling her crazy. Plus, he would have to call the SatTech guys nuts too, though she'll secretly admit that a lot of scientists working with CyberTech were a little off kilter. "Because the killers are obviously terrorists," he replied. "These one's," he gestured the screen. "They could be covering it up from us to keep themselves hidden and secret, safe from us retaliating against them all." "So, you're planning on releasing this to the public, right? So, they can defend themselves?" she asked hopefully before he did something stupid as she moved closer, floating sideways the wind effect had disappeared as she leant on the arms of Harry’s chair staring into his deep green eyes in worry. "Is it possible to detect them?" he asked ignoring her question as he poked her on the forehead and pushed her back where she finally let herself land back on the floor. "Yes," she agreed sceptically. "I'm getting faint readings all over the planet; one is not too far from here, but with some system tweaking we should get much better readings." Harry nodded his head slowly as he thought things through. "It still doesn't make sense; magic would defy logic. Wouldn’t it?" he said talking to himself more than Seraph. “I don’t know,” she shrugged. “But doesn’t cybertronic technology?" she asked bemusedly. Harry just glared at her while rolling his eyes. "You're supposed to be smarter than that Seraph. Cybertronic tech does not defy logic. In fact, now I think about it magic might not either. I guess this shall be a new project. If we could…" he trailed off and looked back up at Seraph. She pouted, though looked smug. "So, what do you plan to…" she trailed off. "Harry, there's a large source of activity," she gestured the screen as it switched from the recordings to live satellite feeds of those same arseholes attacking innocent people; though this time without giants. Harry growled as he ran his hands through his mess of raven black hair as he quickly stood while gritting his teeth. He was about six foot one and wore a black satin suit that he brushed down as it crumpled while he was slouching about at his desk. He started by removing his jacket and dropping it to his chair. Then Harry worked on the buttons to his waistcoat-. “Harry!” Seraph complained with a roll of her eyes. “I don’t think we have time to have sex, even if I used a holographic sub-mind to deal with the fun part while I try to-.” “Sera!” Harry groaned as he started moving toward the elevator as his waistcoat, shirt and tie landed on the floor. “That isn’t why I’m undressing,” he said with a small chuckle as the lift opened and he slid in with the door closing after him and drawing down and back. “I’m going to engage the Knight programme,” he said as he kicked off his shoes, socks and trousers. “It hasn't even been tested yet," Seraph complained as she blinked into existence in the lift. "Well it's going to be tested now," he replied as the lift doors opened and he stepped out as he shimmied off his boxer shorts with Seraph following him. They walked out into a huge garage like chamber with all sorts of large gadgets and vehicles such as a beautiful silver motorcycle, even a huge battle helicopter in military green. However, ignoring them Harry moved to a closet in a side chamber, and pulled out a rubber/leather body tight bodysuit with circler holes throughout, and squeezed into it. The black suit covered him from ankles to neck and vacuumed to him once he pressed a switch on the left sleeve. "Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Seraph worriedly. Harry just looked at her and smirked. "I never had a hero to save me, but I can be one to save these people." Seraph just nodded sadly in understanding as Harry approached metallic armour as the wall folded it out. The armour was a dark smoked matte silver and red. It was formed and curved and looked like it should be in a futuristic space sci-fi TV show, film or video game. It had a gauntlet floating in a null field of transparent energy in front of the armour. Harry smirked as he clasped the gauntlet along his left forearm with a gasp of pain Harry grimaced and sighed as he looked over the rest of the armour and internally groaned and hoped all the systems were up to the task ahead because just getting dressed was going to sting something messed up.

CyberTech World Clash Chapter II Justice: The Cybertronic Knight

Screams of fear, panic, and pain ran rampant throughout the small town as many people were murdered and tortured. Men wearing black robes and white skeletal masks laughed manically with joy as they attacked their prey. Voldemort was a tall man with long bony fingers and snakelike face with slits for nostrils and blood red eyes. He watched on in amusement. The muggles would not stand a chance; it was a pity they could not fight back, and it was a little boring, but still held his interest. He wondered how long it would take the Order or Ministry to find out and arrive; not that it mattered, and the idiots never arrived on time anyway. He sometimes wondered why the Order of the Phoenix bothered to even try as they were useless, and sometimes he got the impression they didn't really care much about the muggles. However, from the way they didn't fight as hard as they could it was a wonder the fools weren't all dead yet. If they had any sense of self-preservation at all they would tell the crazy old fool leader of theirs to fuck off and go it alone. They would be safer that way. Voldemort wasn't stupid or blind like those who foolishly followed the old 'light' wizard around so lovingly. He knew that the old fool was a deranged whacko, even more so than he, and forced morons to do things they wouldn't have done under normal circumstances or for anyone else. However, what he said was 'for the greater good' so these idiots did it anyway. The Dark Lord Voldemort had to wonder at some of the things the old man came out with, such as fiercely hiding the girl even though she was no threat and quite honestly, he couldn't be-bothered to kidnap her. He even knew for a fact that the old man didn't allow anyone to teach her anything useful so if the prophecy was correct about her then who cared when her 'power' was being neglected because of the fool. However, Voldemort’s Death Nibbler spies in Hogwarts (since the girl was being forced to stay there during the school year) said she was quite good at practical magic, but that wasn't what brought a bemused smile to his lips. It was the fact that it was becoming blatantly obvious that the girl was becoming more and more rebellious and had started questioning the old man's motives. Even with her obedient parents it seemed she was very headstrong, maybe he should somehow get her the message about the missing sibling to stir things up? She had been caught by the old man (most likely spying on her) learning spells of a (to the light) questionable nature (though to Voldemort they were positively mundane). The old man had then forbidden her from learning anything without his permission, which caused a huge row where she told him what she thought and none of it was good, which got her 'grounded'. The old man didn't have a clue. It was only a matter of time before she snapped and ran away. Though he could get lucky and she could snap and kill the old bastard. It would certainly do him (and the world) a favour. He might even let her, and her closest friends leave the country as payment as he did have some honour and could respect the girl for killing the fool. He had killed quite a few purists for their lack of honour and abusing their own blood; he didn’t want divs like that in his forces. Voldemort was suddenly brought out of his musing by a revving engine of some kind. Frowning he looked around though saw nothing. His frown deepened as he looked up almost gasping in surprise, and he had only thought that the old man starting to kill off his Death Eaters would surprise him. He saw smoky silver motorcycle, though its wheels looked split to the sides and spinning fast. He could not see the rider clearly, but it was a little worrying. He was worried slightly for only one fact. He could not sense any magic at work, which meant this thing did not use magic, which meant it was muggle. Though, he loath to admit it but even Voldemort knew that the muggles weren't weak, and he knew that if they ever realised what was going on that they would start firing, and not even the old man could persuade them 'to see reason', and to 'work for the greater good'. In other words, they could have their hands full. Voldemort didn't like to count out possibilities like the old man. He liked to put things in perspective. He knew neither the old man (Order of the Phoenix), nor the Ministry believed that the muggles could really become a threat. It didn't mean he was afraid of the muggles but it did mean he would be more cautious, and keep attacks to the minimum for now; just enough to appease his more ruthless and stupid racist Death Eaters without giving too much away that the muggles may start growing suspicious. If he had his way he wouldn't bother with the muggles at all as in the greater scheme of things it served him and his forces no purpose. However, he had to lead these fools to accomplish his eventual control of the Ministry, and to do that he had to give a little to gain a lot. The old man and the likes may think he just controlled them through fear, but nothing was that simple, after all he was just one man, though he loath to admit it, even he had his limits. The wheels on the bike folded in as it neared the ground and sealing before crashing down and skidding to a stop. The bike looked quite a bit larger than he had seen before (at least point five times larger), as the rider stepped off his eyes widened in wonder and apprehension. A man wearing metallic matte armour soon stood before him. Across his stomach seven dark red plates slanted in each direction like a V over his abs, and on his right arm a dark red curved blade poking out of the thick metallic red sleeve around his arm with the tip just above his armoured glove. His left arm had some kind of small dark red shield on his forearm on a hinge at his elbow leading up just passed his shoulder, though it contained black marking in the shape of elongated ovals. His armour was mostly dark silver-grey except around the top of his abs, shield, right arm, and boots, which were a matte crimson. His helmet was almost dragon-like with sectioned armour around his neck for free movement. There was no visor in the traditional sense but a curved section of black metal, and around the matte black colour of the eye-shield, it contained a crimson demon like image going around and up the sides over the flat metal horns on the side. Around the armour’s waist was a thick crimson belt with twin flat barrelled guns pointing down to his shins. The skirt also has some markings going down their length in black. Voldemort started and took one cautious step back as he noticed everything had gone exceptionally quiet and took a quick glanced around. The weird armoured man, (he could certainly tell he was male by the flat chest plates), had garnished everyone's attention, even the muggles had stopped trying to escape. Then a collective gasp escaped everyone's lips as the bike changed at speed, clicking and re-shifting on metal with zoom and swish like noises as it rose up onto strong and powerful matte silver legs with a similar look to the armoured man in colour, though its 'visor' had no shape to it and it like the armour had no discernible way of seeing. To the victims watching it was like something out of a science fiction movie coming to meet something out of a fantasy movie. The mechas head moved from side to side scanning the crowd, at about nine feet tall. Its crimson red 'eyebrows' narrowed as its 'eyes' rested on the deformed human. It created some kind of whirling noise like its voice was another language entirely out of human understanding. On the armoured man's back, flat and long to his body in crimson was what looked like two engines of some kind with black markings along them, but they seemed inactive at that moment. "W-who are you!" the snake-faced freak demanded suddenly gaining control of himself. "The question really is…" began the armoured man with a metallic sounding distorted voice. "Who are you, and how fast can you die, but I suppose I'll be the polite one and answer… I am… I am The Cyber Knight… I am Justice." The snake-faced man sneered as if disinterested, but he was a little curious. "And 'I' am Lord Voldemort, and 'I' shall teach you muggles all how superior we wizards truly are!" "Oh, and how can you do that when soon you'll be a smear beneath my boots magic man?" asked The Cyber Knight amusedly, a smirk hidden under his helmet. Though, he was a little pissed at the shit-arse poor name these wizards give to his people. "We'll see about that," he laughed darkly. He turned to his minions. "You lot carry on and I'll take care of this muggle!" he ordered before turning back, his minions laughed. One minion was about to kill two little children that held each other on the floor fearfully. However, the engines on the robots back moved and activated with a red light energy and its right arm moved up with some kind of black box popping up with two round barrels, and in a crackling sound two red bolts of energy shot out slamming into the robed humans chest sending him flying back with steam rising from the bloody wound as he dropped dead. The machine moved with speed passed Voldemort, near flying passed using the engines for more speed. Its powerful feet were crunching the ground with its strength, and weight. It clamped down its two strong hands around two more minions’ heads crushing their skulls before letting them drop, dead to the ground. The machine then turned from the gawking minions it had not yet disposed of and looked at the scared children and pointed for them to hide. They didn't need telling twice, nodding they ran as the robot turned back to its prey. Suddenly the scared minions started bombarding the machine with all manors of forceful spells. It had to dig its powerful feet into the ground as it slid back a little. However, its armour took every hit with ease, but it was the odd blue glow coming from what were black markings on its chest that was worrisome, because of the odd energy shield that lit up transparent blue when spells hit. As some of the spells hit the shield, they just veered off course harmlessly hitting walls, grass or cars, but the machine stayed standing, impervious. To the wizards it was a terrifying sight to see a muggle weapon so capable of taking their spells, and to The Cyber Knight he made a mental note to get Wonderland to look into improving on his Distortion Field technology as it seemed quite powerful as a defence against magic. Suddenly the machine shot up into the sky, and over the spells, crushing down on one minion, killing him instantly, and grabbed another's throat ripping his head clean off, then blasted a third. All the while, the minions screamed in panic firing uselessly on the mechanical enemy, wishing they stayed at home this night, some even trying to run away while the muggle weapon mercilessly picked them off. Voldemort looked back from the metal thing slaughtering his Death Eaters to the armoured man, a look of horror on his face. "You'll pay for this!" he screeched raising his wand. "Avada Kedavra!" he roared enraged a green beam blasted out of his wand. The Cyber Knight just moved his left forearm in the way, and the black markings flashed into a glowing aqua blue, and the elongated sections popped out, the edges glowing that blue. The curse hit a blue field and veered off smacking into the ground by his feet, but he had to admit silently that that curse had to be very powerful as it made his arm a little numb. However, the look on Voldemort's face was priceless as his eyes widened in utter horror. "No, no… impossible," he muttered to himself, but with his tech The Cyber Knight could hear him clearly. "T-the Killing Curse i-is supposed to be unstoppable. Only that-that bitch has ever stopped it, and that was with magic. No, you-you…" "Huh? What's the matter magic man?" he asked laughingly. "Your unstoppable curse doesn't seem quite so unstoppable anymore; maybe I should just slice and dice!" Justice: The Cyber Knight yelled the last word as he punched his right fist forward, and a serpent like blade shot out on silver and red sectioned metal, with black marking that started glowing blue, which Voldemort could guess meant more trouble. His eyes widened in shock and fear as he had never before been so defeated, and it seemed stupid to test the waters right now as he did not have any upper hand here. He just glared as the serpent blade shot towards him before disappearing with a soft pop. The blade smashed into the ground where Voldemort once stood creating a shockwave of force and a small crater, before he gave a soft tug and it retracted back into the armour. The Cyber Knight gave a growl of annoyance as he looked over to see his mecha stopped its fighting when the remaining minions disappeared, running for their lives. Harry realised he would have to see whether he could recalibrate the Distortion Field to hopefully be able to prevent the cowards from teleporting away next time. "Syren!" he called to the mech. "Let's go!" The mecha nodded as she looked to him walking over at a leisurely pace as her ‘eyes’ continued scanning for any more potential threats. The people were staring in awe, with looks of gratitude. He would have to hope that this business with these magical fools did not get out of hand. Nobody needed or wanted another war, and he would rather his company take care of it without the normal people (super religious nutters, or idiots) going off on some crap about ungodliness and whatever else they came up with. He wasn't surprised as his sensors suddenly detected something: twenty-four people just appeared out of nowhere, so he turned around with narrowed eyes and sensor nodes dancing around in his vision. Sure, he would let them modify these people's memories. Heck, he was certain most would prefer not to remember, but it didn't mean he liked the idea. They were certainly mage, as they all carried the small thin sticks: (wands). Their sticks were pointing at Harry, and Syren so he kept his shield active as most of them looked shaky and about to fire at any moment. Harry scanned through the crowd and looked into their eyes. A lot of them had a defeated look in their eyes while some he noticed staring in admiration at some white haired bearded stereotypical wizard, (who looked unfazed and as if he had everything under control. In other words, delusional), wearing purple robes with gold and silver stars and moons. However, what he liked most were the few with defiance in their eyes, not those that seemed to worship the Merlin wannabe. Though they all had wands trained on him as their eyes took in the sight of death that he brought behind him. (Maybe he should have captured them all? Though he had no place to imprison them and he sure as hell would rather kill them than give them to these losers just for them to escape justice for some bull-shit reason, and then end up back on the streets to re-offend, after all from his point of view they're terrorists). It was certainly a mess, and he could tell the innocent civilians behind him were scared, and already hiding, but seemed unable to stop watching even as they hid. Syren moved cautiously up beside Harry, and some of the mage nervously fidgeted, and took small steps back as the machine looked the mage over with no expression as she didn't have a 'face' like a normal organic creature did. Harry wondered mildly what these people might try as it was a certainty that they didn't want him knowing about this silly infighting these people had going on, but they could do nothing. If they tried to stop him, they would become his enemy, also because as far as he was concerned he would do everything in his power to protect innocent people from this menace to society. It took a few more moments before the old man took one step forward. He didn't look very pleased, and in fact looked quite pissed at The Cyber Knight. Though, he had this awful twinkle to his bright blue eyes that made Harry want to smack him. However, after a moment, The Cyber Knight's sensors picked up something surprising. It was a very mild psychic wave, almost unnoticeable, but it was certainly there, and coming from the old man. Though, it was useless as Harry’s armour had inbuilt defences against psychic attack on the mind, as it was originally designed to fight against supervillains. After all, with all the mutants and metahumans, (not that he had anything against them), but there were quite a few that did turn to crime, and therefore the need for weapons to stop them arose as superheroes weren't nearly as common. Though, he made sure to keep out of Shields way as Stark had enough trouble with them douches trying to and, in some cases, stealing his technology. "That won't work on me old man!" he spoke in annoyance as this old man seemed not much better than the terrorists. The old man stopped trying with a look of surprise before his anger returned. "You should learn some manners and restraint old man; it isn't very nice or polite to attempt to look inside someone's mind without their permission." "He's Albus Dumbledore, he doesn't have to listen to you!" some man with messy black hair and hazel eyes interrupted. "You're just a murdering muggle." "I am The Cyber Knight. I am the Justice here!" was his fierce reply. "And these are my people, and I shall defend them how I want too. You may enjoy allowing the dirty old man to watch you screwing… whoever, but I and others do not." "Shut up you filthy murderer!" yelled out a ginger haired young man who's face seemed to yell 'smack me' and the Knight was tempted too, though while wearing his armour he would certainly put him in a coma at the very least. "He's the Great Albus Dumbledore; the greatest wizard of our age!" he finished proudly. The Knight however just laughed, his modulated voice sounding creepier than Voldemort. "Yeah, well I bet mage from other countries might disagree with you; not that I care," he replied nonchalant and enjoyed how angry it made the ginger guy. If he could provoke… no, maybe he should just let it slide? Though he did have this strange feeling he would end up fighting these fools eventually. Though, it may be best to give them a chance, but if they squander it, he'll take them down. They could only hope he would have the means to keep them imprisoned by then. The ginger went to seemingly attack, and The Cyber Knight moved to defend when the old man put his hand up stopping the ginger, and finally spoke. "My name is Albus Dumbledore, leader of the Order of the Phoenix," he said calmly, calmer than Harry would have expected. "You will desist in interfering in what does not concern you. You're lucky as we shall let you go this once, but we will not let you…" "Bite me," The Knight interrupted angrily. "You fools couldn't deal with them while I tore them apart. These are my people so that makes it my business, and I shall do all in my power to protect my people. You should think yourselves lucky that I'm not Shield, or you wouldn't get a warning to stay out of my way. I would have just attacked." "Wait!" Dumbledore cried out but startled as Syren transformed back into her bike mode before regaining his bravo. "Was that a threat?" he demanded angrily. "Nope, that was a promise," he replied nonchalant as he climbed on his bike and the engine swished on. "I don't care about you one way or the other to be honest, but I will put a stop to this. I will not put up with you fucks coming along all high and mighty saying that it's okay for your fucking kind to terrorise and murder my people but not okay for me to use deadly force in retaliation. "I will put a stop to this mindlessness whether you like it or not!" And with those parting words The Cyber Knight revved his engine getting a soft humming whirling sound before spinning round with the back-wheel spinning before shooting forward leaving a red trail of light before the bike slightly transformed again and shot into the air.

CyberTech World Clash Chapter III United

Harry sighed as he flopped naked (except the gauntlet on his left forearm) into his leather chair in his lab office with a tired sigh later that evening, at just after five. He had only just returned from kicking the crap out of Voldemort and giving that fucked up Order of the Phoenix his warning, but something about the black haired, hazel eyed wizard bothered him. It didn't help that the red-haired woman next to him looked familiar. Seraph suddenly entered the lab from the elevator carrying a neatly folded pile of clothes and placing them on the table next to him to wear. He didn't really think about much except the two people as Seraph continued to check every electronic archive on the planet for details on either of the two mages. Harry slowly dressed himself in thought wondering where the heck he had seen them before. It seemed like a very old long-lost memory, which made him rethink about the memory and dream reader Wonderland put on hold because it was proving tricky and dangerous because that would be useful right then. They were soon to start some collaboration on the tech with Stark Industries, as Stark was the foremost expert when it came to the mind and technology as that was how he controlled his armour whereas Harry’s was built to be an extension of his body, and had a built in AI that worked with the wearer in a symbiotic relationship rather than a collaborative relationship. Though, Harry wasn't sure what worked better when it came to armour, he was sure that with his cybertronic and cybermorphic armour his way was best. It just wouldn't work well otherwise. Though, he supposed if he combined Stark's mental controllers and his symbiotic controllers it could boost efficiency of either Knight or Iron Man armour models. Before he knew it, Harry had dressed in a neat pair of dark blue trousers and shiny black shoes with a white shirt and blue tie with blue jacket. "Damn, for such stuffy business attire it always surprises me with how comfortable they are," he commented to himself but caught Seraph rolling her eyes as she neatened his tie and done up his jacket neatly for him. "So, have you got anything on these two yet?" Seraph frowned and looked worried but taking an unnecessary deep breath spoke anyway. "I couldn't find much on the man and since the woman turned eleven her existence thins out. However, he is James Potter and she is Lily Potter formally Evans." Harry just stood staring at the file pictures up on the holo-screen for a few moments looking to only be seconds away from losing his temper. He started taking deep breath after deep breath until he calmed down a little. "As in…?" he trailed off unable to ask as his anger at the thought flared up. "Yes Darling," she agreed and paused for only a moment before continuing. "They are the birth parents of Harry – of Harry Avalon." "Why the fuck are they alive!" he hissed and demanded angrily. "T-those fucks should be dead!" Harry growled as he grabbed a his companies latest smart phone from the side and didn’t have to look to know it was suddenly auto-syncing with everything he needed, as he didn’t know where his last one got to, but knew it had likely been un-synced and completely erased. He was pretty sure Seraph knew where his last phone was, but he didn’t ask; he might have to go and fetch it if he asked questions like that and it could be anywhere in the building. He placed his phone in his pocket as he walked towards the elevator out, grabbing his long black coat he put it on as he entered the elevator quickly followed by Seraph as the door closed behind him and the lift ascended. "Are you going to tell me where you are going?" she asked expectantly. Harry sighed as he allowed himself to calm a little. "I'm going to confront them," he replied nonchalant. "Then I'm going to," he groaned as he deflated more. "I don't know… all I want is some answers… if those people really are my parents, I want to know why they dumped me with those things!" "You do realise what it could mean if they are don't you?" she asked. He just looked at her a little confused. She rolled her eyes. "You could have magic too," she giggled as his eyes widened in realisation. He may be a brilliant scientist but sometimes he really didn't think things through. Harry shrugged as the elevator reached ground level and opened into the lobby. The pair continued out, walking towards the main doors, Harry's coat swishing out behind him. "Well anyway that doesn't concern me. I hope my limo will be waiting?" he added starring at her. She giggled and nodded. "Of course, it will. I'm too brilliant to forget to call it for you." Harry chuckled with a tired sigh. "Well send the location of the nearest magical nest to my driver and keep tracking me no matter where I go." "Already done, and on it right away. The sat-techs are already recalibrating the systems, and boosting the power output to follow you more closely," she grinned as he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and quickly sped out of the front doors leaving her within the hard-light holographic emitters of the building. "That's so unfair," whined a cute young female security guard by the doors. Seraph looked at her curiously. "Even the computer can get laid by a cute guy," she joked as she looked shyly at the cosplaying holographic representation of the Seraph Network. Seraph giggled and kissed her on the lips, startling her before pulling back and sticking her tongue out, winking and disappearing in a shimmer of light. "Augh, Seraph," she whined, pouting. "You could have at least slipped me some tongue," she mumbled the last, half-jokingly. "Maybe next time sweetie," giggled Seraph's voice seemingly all around her. The security girl blushed deeply, making a mental note not to express her thoughts aloud at work anymore since Seraph would hear her and mock her. Harry slipped into the back of his stretched black limo, and the driver immediately started pulling out into the road and following the CyberTech satnav. The driver learnt when Harry hired him not to bother opening the doors for him since he was always rushing around and did not like waiting for the formalities. He was actually in love with this job; Harry was his best and favourite ever employer and could always tell when the young genius wanted to chat or not and right now could see he was deep in thought. Harry sat back as he found an earpiece in the charging dock in the car door, and placed a black Bluetooth earpiece in his right ear and switched it on as it auto-synced to his new phone as he knew Seraph would do all of that behind the scenes so he didn’t have to think about it. "Seraph, what can you actually find out about these people?" he asked as he shut himself off from his driver with a gesture of his right hand, it didn’t work so he sighed and pressed the button instead. "Nothing substantial through the internet," she replied over his earpiece while sounding amused. "However, there are plenty of rumours about witches and wizards circulating, though I can't be certain what are correct, and which are not." "What about the Avengers database. I'm certain they may have run across a mage or two these past few years dealing with Hydra and all those other muppets?" Seraph laughed. "You want me to hack Stark's system, are you crazy?" she asked. "You know it won't look good for you if I'm caught hacking them, and they may get nosy, which could get Shield involved and then as they say the shit will hit the fan. Though I'm still not sure why they say that other than the obvious waste matter getting splattered all over… plus, hacking them just because Starks tried that with my systems is not justification. I did set up that delightful trojan to glitch out their systems, but jerks found it too quick." "Okay, okay," Harry was quick to interrupt. "I get it, I get it, we don't need the bother, and I quite frankly don't want to end up working with them on this as they won't approve of my methods. Though, I would rather not kill, they are the enemy, for now I shall until we can secure them, and then… damn, I guess we'll have to build a facility to hold them." “Yeah,” she agreed as she paused a moment. “Well… they have tried to build a facility within the UK – a new super prison. They have run out of money as they went over budget because of incompetent management. We were supplying them security systems. We could take over the project and privatise it and add in methods for keeping mage captive.” Harry nodded with a thoughtful smirk. “That sounds like something I would do… how long until we can have it up and running?” “A few months,” she replied to his shock. “They couldn’t afford our security systems,” she answered his unasked question. “The place could keep some powered beings’ captive, but not the rest. It doesn’t even have cameras. They had been thinking of trying to get cheaper systems from shady sources.” “Okay… we can run a super prison,” Harry said thoughtfully. “Make it so, and speak with Cornelia about the distortion fields getting some new upgrades based on our findings.” “Already doing that, and…” Seraph sounded exasperated. “She’s pretty excited about this whole magic people business.” “Yeah, I’m glad I went out,” he replied sheepishly. Seraph just laughed as the limo finally pulled over to the side of the road and he slipped out closing the door, before opening the passenger side. "Mac, you can leave, I'll call if I need a ride back, okay?" "Yes sir," the guy agreed as Harry closed the door and he pulled back out into busy traffic. "So, where do I go from here?" Harry asked while looking around, but all he saw was a pub in-between a video game store, and a sandwich shop. "Straight ahead of you," she replied over the Bluetooth. "It's the central building, according to every internet map service through the net the central building does not exist, but the satellites can see it. It's some kind of grimy looking pub with a sign saying it’s called The Leaky Cauldron. If I ever needed sustenance, I would choose the sandwich shop next door." "Good call," he agreed, amused. "Heck, they probably don't take real money anyway, so I luck out there," he said as he quickly pushed the door open and entered, startling as he heard the Bluetooth start crackling for a moment. "Sorry about that," Seraph said suddenly. "That building and a few miles behind it are under some kind of field that I figure is supposed to hide them. However, it also seems that it was interfering with the signal momentarily. However, I adjusted the frequency to match the barriers and upped the signal strength. Sat-tech say the harmonising of frequencies is apparently fascinating and want to scan as much of it as they can as they can now tune a satellite to scan for those fields." "Okay. As long as it’s not dangerous and they won’t lose track of me then go right ahead," he replied. “Wow, you’re just exciting all of the nerds today, Darling,” she replied while holding in a snicker. Harry rolled his eyes and ignored that comment. "Just keep scanning, use my phone as well now I'm in the barrier to get a better judge of it from the inside," he said as he finally looked around to see a bunch of people wearing robes sitting around drinking or eating at grimy and dark looking tables. "Damn, if I tried to open a bar like this it would never have a customer. These people are morons." "I totally agree," Seraph commented. "However, I've finished a scan, and although I can't tell how many layers, I'm certain there is more than one barrier, possibly multiple for different uses. It stands to reason that they would want to protect themselves from other wizards." "Agreed," he replied as he approached the bar getting a very strange look from the old filthy looking man behind the bar. Darn, didn't these fools know how to wash – well, anything? "What can I get ya!" the dirty old man asked as if expecting Harry to want a drink in such a shithole of a 'pub'. Harry made a mental note for some time in the future to buy this place and clean it up. He was sure nobody in their right mind would want to walk into this magical place from the street to see the inside was less clean than the path outside. "Information," he finally replied. The old barman's eyebrows rose in mild interest. "I'm looking a Lily and James Potter." "The girl-who-liveds parents?" he asked in shock, eyes widening. "Heck, I don't even think You-Know-Who's bothering to find them anymore." "Girl-who-lived?" he replied curiously. "Who's the Girl-who-lived?" he asked, though he knew in part, but it made him angry, and knew he would have to protect her from these morons. The man snorted. "Ya know Amanda Potter, the girl who survived the Killing Curse while she was just a baby and destroyed You-Know-Who." Harry frowned, so that's what snake-face meant by someone using magic to survive the Killing Curse. Harry groaned while rolling his eyes when he thought of the You-Know-Who bit and replied. "No, I don't know who?" he asked. The barman looked beyond surprised. "Well, The Dark Lord, surely you've heard of him?" "Oh," Harry replied as he realised who he meant. "You mean that Voldemort," the barman flinched, but Harry just continued. "Wanker. Well I only have business with Lily and James not their daughter." Though that was the truth when he came here, now it was not, as he wanted to see whether they had a chance at a relationship. "What kind of business?" interrupted a balding red-haired man who wore a grey robe suit, leaving his seat further down the bar and carrying some kind of juice in his glass. "He was there, with that old fart," Seraph commented as an image appeared in his right eye for a few moments as she sent a picture to the contact there. "He's your chance to get to them the easy way, which is lying your ass off if you have too. He looks pretty gullible and way too trusting. He's no doubt one of those that worships Dumbledore." "I'm a lawyer," Harry just lied as he agreed with Seraph readily. "I'm afraid I can't discuss it with you, as it is a sensitive and confidential topic, Mr…?" The man nodded a little uncertainly. "I'm Arthur Weasley," he said offering his hand with a small smile. Harry shook it a little surprised this man was so easily swayed. "I'm a friend of the Potter's," he continued. "Um, well I'm Harry Avalon," he responded as he released his hand. He held back a grimace as he was stupid enough to give his real name, but he was thankful the man showed no sign of recognition. "Well I don't suppose you'll take me to them, would you?" he asked hopefully. "They aren't in some kind of trouble, are they?" he asked a little worriedly. Harry smiled. "No, I just have a few matters to discuss with them." He couldn't actually say he wanted to beat the living shit out of them then transform into his armour and slaughter them. Though he knew he wouldn't; it was what he wanted, after all they betrayed him. Mr. Weasley smiled. "Let me see your left forearm." Harry blinked in surprise and got nervous. "Um, why?" he asked in confusion, and gulped. Arthur looked surprised and a little suspicious. "Because if you're not a Death Eater you won't have the dark mark on your arm," he replied reasonably. "Oh, well I'm not even a wizard. I'm from the outside," he answered as he lifted his arm with a sheepish smile. "Sorry it doesn't come off, it's just a fancy computer, and, and the keys back in the office. It’s so important information can't be stolen." Harry looked up from his arm as he pulled his sleeve back down and startled as the man had a look of awe on his face. "Wow, that is brilliant," he said after a few moments. "The things you muggles come up with," he continued staring at the device in Harry's ear in wonderment. "T-that thing… is it, is it a-a phone like my daughters friend showed me once. She said these phones are advancing so…" "No," Harry quickly interrupted as he pulled a sleek black phone from his pocket which housed his company logo as it was on his company's network. "The earpiece is just wirelessly connected to the phone so I can talk while having both hands free," he answered as he put his phone back into his pocket. "That is absolutely incredible," he answered, amazed and grinning broadly. "But I suppose you're a busy man and need to see the Potter's soon," he said chuckling as Harry nodded in agreement. "Yes sir, very much so, if it's not too much trouble," he agreed with a smile. Harry found he liked this guy. He supposed that he may be too trusting but he had got a good heart in his chest and certainly was a good man. Hopefully he'll see reason when his identity was discovered and not fight for the crazy old man. "Okay, follow me," the man said as he walked Harry over to the fireplace and handed him some odd grey powder. "I can't take you to the Potter's and back as I have to get back to work after some… incident, but I can take you to my house where my daughter can take you and bring you back." Harry nodded in agreement but just stared confusedly at the powder. Arthur chuckled. "Just throw it in the fire and say loudly and clearly, 'The Burrow', then step into the emerald flames and it will take you there. I'll be in right behind you." Harry shrugged in thought. "This should be… interesting," he chuckled as he threw it in; startled at the huge emerald flames flared up; he stepped into them. "The Burrow!" he said. Harry felt himself spinning around and around, but it was more like twisting and turning, hurtling fast; he got glimpses of what he guessed to be other fireplaces, and could hear Seraph speak her amazement. “Harry!” Seraph said in awe. “I’ve had to increase my sense of time by twenty to see and hear what’s happening in there. This is warping space-time – or something like that. I’m scanning as much as I can. Wonderland will love when I show them these readings. “You can perceive a passage of time,” she said in awe. “But here it’s been less than the second it took to step through the flames. It’s like you’re in three places at once. The start point - the end point, which is further South West, and within some kind of network of wormholes.” “Yeah,” Harry mumbled while feeling queasy. “I’m glad you’re enjoying the bastardisation of science because I feel like I’m going to hurl.” “Well, lucky you’re not going far,” she replied. “Two, one-.” Harry was just thinking he was going to puke when he went flying out in a burst of emerald flames, tripping and landing with a crash to the floor. “Oh, by the way, brace yourself, you are not going to stick the landing!” Seraph commented while sounding like she was trying unsuccessfully not to laugh. “Yeah, once you stepped in and were swept away you stopped stepping forward, so the momentum just tossed you out. It seems to me that you need to think of it more as an automatic door… or like those spinning doorways in older office buildings. You don’t stop walking.” Harry groaned in frustration as he was going to inform, Seraph that forewarning would have been nice, but knew that was no good anyway as he couldn’t move much while trapped in the energy of that wormhole network; he would just have to remember to carry on his step next time and hope for the best. However, he was distracted by some giggling, which caused him to look up in surprise. Scrambling to his feet, Harry quickly started brushing soot from his clothes, and blushing as he looked around the mismatched yet homely looking lounge with weird things all over the place, such as a clock that had named hands with what was likely family members names on them, and places like ‘home’, ‘school’, and ‘mortal peril’ on it instead of numbers. Somebody had issues when they thought about a freaky clock that had mortal peril as an option for family members. However, better than the crazy clock were the two cute girls about his age sitting on a sofa together in stitches while they giggled at him. Damn stupid fireplace. The girl with the orange and red hair with cute freckles dancing over her nose with chocolate coloured eyes winked at him while the other with raven black hair and brilliant green eyes rolled them at her friend. They both wore similar black robed outfits that somehow hugged them in extremely complimentary ways, more like long dresses than robes. "Wow, Ginny," the raven-haired girl giggled. "When did you get a function on your fire to spit out cute men?" "I don't know Amy but I'm glad we have it," giggled the red-haired girl. "Err, hi," said Harry blushing a little more in embarrassment. "I'm Harry." "Well I'm Amanda Potter and this is Ginny Weasley," said the raven-haired young woman, both standing with mischievous grins. Harry smiled a little, hoping very much that Amanda did not know of his existence, because if she did it might mean she didn't want him. Though it could mean that she was stopped. Though, in fairness he just wanted his sister as he looked at her it was like he had always been missing her and only just then realised she had been stolen from him. "Oh, so you've already met, Mr. Avalon," interrupted Arthur from behind as he stepped through the fire the correct way, Harry noted with a slight annoyance as the man could have explained the correct way of using that weird magic. "Yeah dad," agreed Ginny grinning cheekily. "Where'd you find him, can you find another for Amy?" she asked laughingly. "Hey, who said you get this one," argued Amanda. Harry winced; that was so wrong but looking at her he wondered whether he could find it in him to turn her down, or whether he would want too. Arthur chuckled, amused at their crazy antics. "No, he's actually looking for your parents Amanda. He's a lawyer with something he needs to speak with them about, but I haven't got time to escort him there and back." "Oh, a lawyer," cooed Amanda cheerfully. "Hey dad aren't we all supposed to be at the Order meeting at Amy's in a few minutes anyway?" asked Ginny looking surprised. Harry frowned but wasn't worried; it just meant the whole of this 'Order' would discover that the Potter parents were bastards. "Yeah, but I can't get off work with all of the mess earlier. Anyway, I was there and saw that Cyber Knight, and that brilliant robot thing, so I don't really need to be there." "I wish I could have seen them. I bet The Cyber Knight is really cute," whined Amy pouting cutely. "How would you know?" asked Ginny with her own sweet pout. "Dad said he was wearing a helmet." "But he's a hero, aren't all heroes supposed to be cute?" she retorted smugly. "Look at me, I'm cute," she added sticking out her pink little tongue at her friend. "Okay girl, I'll concede, you win this one," Ginny replied laughingly. Arthur coughed regaining their attention. "Well I'll leave you two to take Mr. Avalon to see Lily and James," he said getting a bye from each before he was quick to leave via the fire. “Avalon…” Amy said with a thoughtful frown. “Like Camelot and all of that stuff?” Harry shrugged while laughing. "I guess. So, um… either of you two have any brothers or sisters?" he asked curiously. He figured it was as good a way as any to ask Amanda without asking and make it sound like he was just making small talk. Ginny rolled her eyes looking annoyed. "I have six brothers; do you want one?" she asked hopefully, her eyes brightening at the thought. Harry laughed while rolling his eyes. "No thanks… how about you Amanda?" "Oh, just called me Amy…" she said then Ginny cut in. "Hey, I thought I was the only one to get away with calling you that?" Amy shrugged, grinning. "Na, to be honest I like it, I just like being difficult. Anyway, he's super cute, which would make him the exception anyway," she said laughingly as she returned her attention back to Harry. "Unfortunately, I don't," she said with a sad sigh while Ginny seemed to snicker silently. "Sometimes it feels like I'm missing something, so I suppose I always wanted one," she shrugged, and her grin returned. "Why'd you ask? Do you have any?" Harry shrugged. "Just small talk," he answered quickly hoping that didn't sound too corny or suspicious. "I just found out recently that I have a twin sister." "Oh, that must have been nice… what's she like?" she asked with a giant smile happy for him; that would be so cool. "Well, she seems nice enough, though I haven't spent enough time with her yet to know for sure." "Hey, why didn't you know you have a twin?" interrupted Ginny befuddled. Harry smiled sadly and shrugged. "My parents sent me away when I was a baby and kept her… I hope to soon find out why…" he shrugged sadly. "Well you said something about a meeting; you're going to be late if we don't hurry." The girls noticed the quick change in subject but didn't say anything as they knew it was probably a fresh and touchy subject for him. "Well come on then," agreed Ginny with what she hoped was a supportive smile and not anything too flirty as she showed them to a flower pot full of what they called, floo powder. Harry felt a grimace coming on as Seraph spoke to him. “Great, I have a ton of people geeking out for more bandwidth intensive scans of the network.” Internally groaning Harry took some of the powder with Amanda right next to him as she took some too. “Yeah, I don’t like this either,” Amanda agreed sheepishly to Harry’s pale expression. “Just try to keep walking as you enter the flames and you should stick the landing, but even we screw it up sometimes and we’ve been doing it for years.” Harry nodded and smiled as Amanda gave him her address and a moment later, he was stepping through the emerald flames.

CyberTech World Class Chapter IV Reunion

It only took a few minutes to get to Potter manor and Harry was impressed with himself remembering to keep walking, so he didn’t go flying out this time, so he didn’t look as stupid in front of the girls. However, Harry did forget to move out the way of the fire. Therefore, he was startled as one after the other both girls walked out of the fire and crashed into his back. Harry chuckled sheepishly as he turned to see them both pressed up to him, squeezed between him and the huge fireplace in the entrance chamber they were in. “Whoa,” Ginny muttered as she wound her arms around him. “Feel this, Amy… he has actual muscle,” she said laughingly while his sister made sure to have a feel too. “Damn,” Amanda muttered. “Hey! Hands!” Harry said jumping forward a couple of steps and glared half-heartedly at the girls. They only smirked and laughed while collecting low fives from each other, which ended with Amanda holding onto Ginny’s arm as she gave Harry a wink as she pulled her friend after her and Harry sighed as they lead the way. “They’ll be in the guest hall,” Amanda said. “You have a hall just for guests?” Harry asked as he looked around the lavish entrance hall. Amanda looked embarrassedly sheepish. “Well… yeah, seeing someone else ask that it does sound silly.” "Yeah,” Harry agreed while Ginny snickered. “But anyway; this place is nice, Amy you must be swimming in money," Harry commented as he was hoping to forget the first trip through the fire, and the groping sister on his second trip, and especially the laughing in his ear. However, inside Harry was also quite pissed off. The possibility of a lack of money could not be the reason his parents abandoned him. He could perhaps understand that if he had been given up to the state, but not what happened to him; not to them. "You aren't going to try for me for the money, are you?" she asked cheekily in that Welsh accent she had somehow diluted somewhat. Harry chuckled while shaking his head as the girls led him through the house. "No, money doesn't interest me anymore." "Oh, so you have money," she replied interestedly. "Err, you could say that," he shrugged, well considering he's one of the richest men on Earth – maybe even the richest – he wasn’t sure where he rated and didn’t really care. "Ah; they're in here," said Ginny a little jealously. She really wanted this boy; money did not really mean too much to her. Though a nice husband with enough to support a family someday would be nice and keep her busybody mother out of her business. They walked into a huge lounge (somehow Harry was expecting an actual hall) with about forty people sitting around while Albus Dumbledore was speaking, however, stopped when he noticed them. Harry had the urge to just smack the bastard old man full force in the face just to make himself feel good. "Ah, Miss. Weasley, Miss. Potter, glad you could both make it," the old man said with a grandfatherly smile, his eyes twinkling a mile a second, but even Harry could tell that Ginny and Amanda had no interest in even humouring him. "Harry, he's at it again, he's… wait…" Seraph began, but trailed off for a moment. "He's using his ability on the girls, but I don't believe he's seeing the truth. I'm not sure as our psychic detection scanners are still so young and a phone is a bit on the shitty side for perfect accuracy and the Knight systems aren’t optimised to be any better without full armour activation. The old man tried this magic on them when he couldn't get to you. It seems they know what he's like and are consciously defending themselves with some kind of magic without him realising." "And who might your guest be?" Dumbledore asked after just a moment staring back at Harry in curiosity, though if they let him know what they talked about he was just curious about his reason for being here. "Oh, he's a lawyer came to speak with mum and dad," piped in Amanda as she placed on a cheerful mask. Harry's heartbeat shot up as his parents stood. "So, what's your name, who sent you?" asked Lily looking a little worried. Harry now glared at them as he slid his hand into his coat and pulled out a matte black plastic handgun with the CyberTech logo on the side in white and pointed it at his mother. He ignored both Ginny and Amy as they stared at him in shock and fear, and shot a red bolt of light smashing a vase when a few people went for weapons, which stopped them in their tracks before quickly flicking a switch and mentally saying 'oops' as he had it set for kill. (Well, it wasn’t kill-kill, but set to blow holes in things as the bolt of energy came to a stop in the far wall and burning a hole in it. The non-lethal setting created a low energy field of energy that interfered with a person’s natural electromagnetic field that created a flash of pressure in the body to knock them out). "Hello mother, father, nice weather we're having today isn't it?" he greeted and asked sarcastically not showing any sign about what the red blast would do. "Wait, what?" Amanda was the first to speak after several silent moments as she looked to her parents. She might have been on bad terms with them as they followed Dumbledore's orders like puppets but… no way they couldn't have. However, as she watched them pale and watch Harry holding his weapon on them, she couldn't help but know it was real. She turned her attention to Dumbledore and saw that flash of anger he got when one of his stupidly huge and elaborate schemes was ruined or setback. She saw that look a lot as she was party to ruining all of his ridiculous schemes. "Now, now Mr. Potter," the old man spoke calmly, but commandingly though Harry did not lower his gun. "There is no need for violence. I'm sure we can all work this out like civilized adults." "Yeah, possibly," he agreed before firing a green bolt and smashing another vase and they gasped, and he realised because of the colour they thought it was a killer like Voldemort and his murderers used. "However," he continued. "I don't feel like being very civilized right now, and I'm the guy with the gun so why don't you shut the fuck up, you fucking stupid old bastard before I do the world a favour and kill you." "What do you want!" demanded James suddenly. "I want answers ‘father’. Now tell me," he replied as the gun aimed trained on him. "Why did you dump me on the doorstep of those bastards to suffer, to be tortured and beaten by my dear mothers sick and twisted bitch of a sister and her fat fuck husband?" he demanded angrily. Amanda's eyes widened in horror, her mum at least looked a little guilty; her dad just looked scared, mostly everyone had some kind of reaction but she wasn't surprised in the least that it didn't faze Dumbledore, and she was almost certain he knew how Harry would be treated. Harry's eyes then flashed back to her mum and he actually growled he was so angry. "You know, for the past fourteen years your bony bitch of a sister has been in prison just like her husband and their filthy bastard of a son was in borstal, now in jail for assaulting a girl. They had to answer for their crimes, and someday you'll be held accountable. So why dear mother… don't you, ANSWER ME!" They all jumped in surprise as he yelled the last two words and his emerald coloured eyes were actually glowing with power and Amy was surprised that she felt magic at all coming from him, but this was oppressive, almost as strong as her when pissed while still holding back. It was just a shame for them that Amanda was also pissed and drew her wand as they could feel her magic drawing to the surface and pointing it at Dumbledore as he drew his wand and several other brave members theirs. Though Harry didn't seem bothered and Amanda was certain he could fire his gun multiple times before most could fire one spell. "I… it was Dumbledore!" Harry was surprised as he saw the man who volunteered this piece of information though Amy and Harry had both suspected he was behind it. The man had long (almost mullet like) black hair and pale blue eyes and looked at the Potter parents angrily. "Dumbledore told them it would be best," he continued. "He said that with an older brother in the way that he would get in the way and protect Amanda from her destiny. And if you did that, she…" "Shut up Sirius!" the old man demanded. However, Sirius continued. "There was a second prophecy, Amanda," he said. Dumbledore looked as if he was about to use magic on him to shut him up, but in his distraction, Amanda hit him with a pink jet of magic and his wand soared out of his hand into hers to his shock and horror. "You best hurry and continue Sirius or I'm so kicking your sorry arse!" Amanda demanded and he gulped. "Well anyway, you want to hear it?" he asked and Harry and Amanda as well as overs nodded. "The one who defeated the Dark Lord shall be defended by her Knight of Blood…" "Sirius STOP!" the old man commanded but he just continued. "The world will learn of his fury… and mana's secrets shall be forever told. The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord shall be saved from her destinies dark path, and the Dark Lord can lose to the world of knowledge, and the Knight shall set his blood free…" Harry and Amy's eyes widened as they both thought over those words, but it was Amy who was first to talk. "I-I don't understand… you mean you've practically kept me prisoner from my own life following that other prophecy when this one says my… my brother; my twin brother would have, have saved me from all of this?" "Listen to me Amanda," Dumbledore finally spoke in a gentle and 'compassionate' voice. "Think about what it says. It says he would have revealed the magical world… we couldn't…" "Do you think I give a shit?" she retorted heatedly. "Voldemort and his fucks have been murdering innocent people!" "Emm, Mr. Potter…" the old man began nervously. "Avalon… my name is Harry Avalon!" he interrupted angrily. "Ironic that I took this name for my new start before I even knew of magic. I took it to honour a friend who passed… she was with me at the orphanage, and she…-" he trailed to a stop and glared defiantly at anyone who dared look his way. "Err, quite," the old man agreed nervously but he completely missed the point. "But I'm sure you can see that what I did was for the greater good of my people as the prophecy says that you would have outed the magical world to protect your sister." "Of course, I understand," Harry agreed, and Dumbledore smiled for all of two seconds. "You're a fucking retard," he finished wiping the smile from the old man’s face. "Then I'm afraid I'll have to deal with you myself," the old man said standing up as another wand found its way into his hand. "You likely won't enjoy the rest of your life in Azkaban Prison." Harry just laughed. "You think you can do shit to me old man. I already have my people on their way, and they shall be here shortly." Dumbledore chuckled in amusement. "Nobody knows where you are…" he began smirking. Harry interrupted with a smirk of his own. "We are in Wales, fifteen Graviton Avenue in the south east," he chuckled amusedly as Dumbledore looked beyond freaked with wide eyes. "H-how?" the old man asked in horror. "Oh, my gods!" interrupted a bushy haired young woman standing and staring at him. He did take note that she hadn't taken her wand out, and looked like she needed a bit of sun in her life her pale skin was a little paler with a rose tinge as she saw she had everyone’s attention, but she ventured on anyway. "I knew I recognised that name… he's the founder, owner and controller of CyberTech. His company is on par with the likes of Stark Industries." "Clever girl," smiled Harry appreciatively. "But that's not nice comparing us, after all Tony's not as cool as me," he said jokingly which caused her cheeks to light up a little more. Harry was actually quite surprised that the young witch knew him and seemed to be in awe. "What does that have to do with anything?" interrupted Dumbledore in annoyance. "I haven't ever heard of either of these companies and I see no relevance as to how he could possibly know where we are." "They are called satellites; you idiot," replied Harry amusedly rolling his eyes. "They can track me anywhere." "What's a satellite?" he asked looking at Hermione. "And what about the magical protections." "Satellites are machines that orbit the earth," she replied in thought. "I don't think every satellite could penetrate the wards, but his, most probably can and have. I wouldn't be too surprised if there might be others that can too if his has. Like…" Harry chuckled amusedly and interrupted her. "So, Miss…?" "G-Granger, Hermione Granger," she replied blushing. She could barely believe that 'the' Harry Avalon was talking to her; her of all people, and he was one of her friend's twin brother. "You know your stuff, eh?" he asked, and she nodded. "Well what could forty wizards do against two Black Hawk Gunship Helicopters?" Hermione's eyes widened. "Um, run away very fast," she replied nervously. "O-or most likely die," she added looking at the rest of the Order and realising that none of them were very fit, and they would have to get through the fire or out of the wards before they could escape. Harry smirked. "Yup, looking at this lot I would guess at the second option," he replied smugly as they all started hearing the distinctive sound of propellers getting nearer, with the sound of engines. "Oh, don't mind them that's just my ride home," he chuckled. “That fireplace wormhole network of yours makes me feel sick, so I would much rather fly.” “I-I-I guess I can understand that,” Hermione said sheepishly. “That thing makes me queasy too.” “I’ve been using them for years,” Sirius said with an impish smile. “I still feel sick-!” “Enough,” Dumbledore interrupted urgently. "Could theses satellites find Voldemort?" he asked and there was something about the way he asked that made Harry wonder. Harry eyed him suspiciously. "No, they can only detect concentrated bursts of magic," he replied shrugging before a smirk lined his lips. "Oh, I thought I would let you know that I can tell you… or anyone the location of every magical nest on the planet," he spoke in amusement as everyone's eyes widened. "Isn't it strange how these 'prophecy's' never come true until some moron hears about it and tries to stop it. Self-fulfilment if you ask me. That isn’t fortune telling. That’s manipulating probability. They may seem the same, but they’re two different psychic branches." Harry's eyes scanned over Amanda as she couldn't hold in her snort of humour as it made much more sense than it being a fortune. "You, crazy old man,” Amanda said with a snicker. “It was just like what happened to Voldemort when he heard the other shit arse prophecy and tried to kill me." She then grabbed Ginny's and Harry's arms and pulled them back towards the door as she saw a huge white luxury helicopter landing outside the front of the house with a huge red T inside a huge red C designed like cogs for a logo to this company her brother seemed to own. "You can just fuck off Dumbledore!" she continued. "And those of you that side with him too; you can fuck off because Ginny and I are leaving with MY twin brother. And if you don't like it?" She shrugged as she gestured out the window where two large black helicopters hovered pointing their weapons at the house. Harry just smirked as he led the girls out into the hall and the three of them moved fast to flee the house through the entrance all and large front doors into the monumental gardens, and to the white helicopter, as a larger green one had landed behind it and several armed men in black military uniform with a red CyberTech badges over their chests secured the white helicopter holding black assault rifles at the ready. "Whoa," Ginny mumbled in awe before squealing with Amy as a tall black woman pulled them both closer to the helicopter and they saw a white guy getting rejected as he tried the same with Harry, and they looked to see Dumbledore and a few other foolish members of the Order with wands raised. Ginny may be naive to the muggle world, but she did know one thing, and that was these men and women in black were soldiers, trained to kill. "Mr. Potter!" called Dumbledore over the noise of the chopper’s propellers. However, the black woman spared them no more thought as she pulled open the white helicopters sliding door and helped both girls up and in before turning to Harry and waiting. "I can't let you take Amanda!" "Damn, this bastard is really pissing me off," Harry spoke in annoyance. "ONE LAST WARNING DUMBLEDORE!" he called out before turning and as he climbed up into the helicopter and gave his order. "Disable them, but do not kill them if it can be helped." The black woman nodded as she slid the helicopters door closed and spun round glaring with weapon raised. She could see the old man was about to fire something and she wasn't willing to find out what. Her gun exploded out one round hitting the old fool in the shoulder of his wand arm; it caused him to drop his stick as his other hand reflex came up over his bloody wound in shock before he dropped to his butt with wide eyes. The other Order members went down in a similar fashion only moments later by the other soldiers, crying out in pain before the men in black were quick to get into their helicopter as Mr. Avalon’s helicopter had taken to the sky, and they soon followed after it with the gunships flagging it for protection.

CyberTech Chapter V Seraph of Emotions (Coming soon...)

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