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otyler6295 To Blessed Too Be Stressed.
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Sour Patch Kids

I don't wanna worry bout nothing for a while

I just wanna play around living like a child

With old tunes jammin on my Walkman

And some Sour Patch Kids and a Coke can

I don't wanna think about anything at all

I just wanna run around doing what I want

I just wanna go back to the old school, old news, road rules

Fresh prince, cartoons, good raps, dope tracks

I'm not trying to be on it

I'm just trying to be honest

Packed lunch, school crush

Bus home and play Sonic

I have been there

I have done that

Made my mark up on the town

Been stupid, I've been lucid

Been a menace and a clown

Damn, so fuck it I'll be right back

Pay my tribute to the past

You can all just kiss my ass for a second

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