Snowglobe pt.2
Snowglobe pt.2 sad stories

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Snowglobe pt.2

Cause here we are again,

Cause here we are again, this endless snow globe

Round and round we're shaken

Round and round we're shaken, stared at like an alien probe

The snow's overwhelming

The snow's overwhelming, defeating every sound


Please, giant human

Please, giant human, can you just drop me and smash me to the ground.

Then I wake up

I wake up and realize I'm just another sad song,

A statistic

A statistic, a number

A statistic, a number, joining the millions who sing to this same sad song

Another one of them who cries to the sad song

Another one of them who cries to the sad song, who rants to their friends the same lyrics all along

Who hears the same melody every night while I'm trying to sleep

And the melody goes you are worthless, you are fake, and you make people feel meek

But don't forget about the drum solo, oh, no no no

Just a sad, sad song

Thanks for reading my part 2. if you haven't read the first one i encourage you go do that! i never do these but i just couldn't resist with this one

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