Melting of the Sun
Melting of the Sun trippy stories

otyler6295 To Blessed Too Be Stressed.
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Melting of the Sun

So sorry missed the party

Hello on the dark side of the moon

Jane lost it crashed her corvette

Ran into the tide in Malibu

And we all heard the gun but I was slow to run

It's just the melting of the sun

I wanna watch you watch it burn

Saint Joni ain't no phony

Smoking reds where Furry sang the blues

My Marilyn shot her heroin hell she said ¨it's better than abuse¨

So who am I trying to be? A benzo beauty queen

But me I never cried to tell the truth I lied

Girl the world's spinning round

Spinning down and out of time

Girl you can't give in now

When you're down down and out

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