Chapter Two Nephilim
Chapter Two Nephilim

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Chapter two longer than the last one

After two days my first one got 12 reactions so i decided to upload the second chapter.

Chapter Two Nephilim

Jack smiled "Your a special nephilim!" She nodded. "Yep oh and i already finished the case here so you didn't have to." Dean nodded. "Can we go to the bunker?" She asked. Dean looked bewildered.

"Why would we take you there?" She smirked. "You need me I can help since Cas is nowhere to be seen." Dean thought about it. "Okay fine.

" She jumped in the air excited to ride in the jet black sleek vintage car. "I could teleport and wait but i am too tired so i am going to sleep in Baby.

" "Okay but you are in the back" She nodded.

(hours after dark)

Dean dove along the dark asphalt road. Jack was sitting in the middle of the back smiling. Kritanta was leaning on his shoulder asleep.

"Why do I like that she is doing this?" Jack said to no one specific. Dean smiled "Sam you take this one." He laughed "This should be good." Sam took a deep breath.

"What do you think of her?" Sam asked Jack. "If anyone hurt her i would kill them" Dean laughed again. Sam smiled. "Ooooo Jackie has a crush!" Dean said mockingly. Sam rolled his eyes.

"You like her?" Jack nodded. "You trust her?" Jack nodded again. Sam sighed "I miss that"

(around noon the next day)

Dean woke then began to wake everyone up. Then they went inside"So where is my room?" Kirtanta asked. "You need sleep?" Sam asked. She nodded.

"Just not that much depends on how much angel mojo I use in a day." Sam nodded to show he understood. "I will bring you to your room." Jack said. Kirtanta smiled. "Lead the way.

" then she followed him to a room beside his."Thanks." He smiled at her."We are neighbors." She laughed(I SHIP IT WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS)

(About thirty minutes later)

She went to Jack's room and stood in the doorway. He was playing on his laptop. He looked up and smiled when she walked in "Where is the food?"Jack motioned to follow him.

They ended up in the library with Sam. "Where is the food? " He snorted "Go get food yourself." Kritanta glared at him.

"I can't get my freaking food without knowing where the kitchen is, asshole" Then a light bulb exploded. She took a deep breath then pulled out her knife which was about three inches long.

She cut herself on her arm then snapped and fixed the mess she made then bandaged her arm with a rag. He looked shocked. He started to speak but she interrupted him.

"You know what I don't care, Sam. Jack take me to the kitchen i need a beer." He nodded in fear then showed her.

Sam followed us into the kitchen where Dean was eating. "She is like a tiny version of you Dean." He said quietly. Kritanta pulled out her gun and pointed it at Sam. Everyone froze.

"Okay i am no tiny version of anyone I am average height. Second if i hear you call me that again i will shoot you. Not in your pretty face but your leg and jack would heal you.

I will not feel sorry." the room held silence. Kritanta went to grab a beer opened it and drank a large gulp. Then Dean bursted out laughing.

"Dude where is the pie?" Dean pointed to the box of cherry pie. She went then grabbed a piece. Then sat on the counter. She ate slowly and savory and drank her beer.

"I am going to sleep." They all nodded. "Goodnight" then she stormed out. She made it half way down the hallway then realized she didn't know where she was going. Jack came down the hall.

"So I don't know where I am going." He smiled. "I will show you" she followed him down to her room. "Goodnight Kritanta" Without thinking she blurted. "Wait, stay please." He smiled.

"I can't get into your head. I have been trying. It's like it blocked from everyone." she practically turned to stone. She stood up and pushed him against the wall and put and inch between their faces.

"Don't try to get in my head. It's dismal, and miserable."Her eyes burned with red outlining her pupils. "Most of all its too dark for you."Then her eyes softened and the red disappeared.

"I need sleep. You can stay if you want."

She braided her hair into a big braid. "I will stay." she nodded. "You need to knock me out. I can't sleep because of nightmares and i don't want to get the bed bloody tonight.

" He looked confused. "I will tell you tomorrow." She climbed into bed he climbed behind her. He knocked her out then they slept.

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