When I met you (Chapter 1 : Eito, you were mine)
When I met you 

(Chapter 1 : Eito, you were mine) romance stories

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(Snow White with The Red Hair ff : Obi X OC)
Animeeeeeee! Romanceeeeeeee. And other weirdnessssss.

akagami no shirayukihime

When I met you (Chapter 1 : Eito, you were mine)

The crowded streets of Clarines were beautiful this time of year. I pulled the embroidered white hoodie down over my long, intense red hair.

A drunk man whistles over to me and I shoot him a death glare. He quiets instantly and I secretly smirk. "Nanami! Hey, over here! Look what I managed to score!" I looked towards the familiar voice. My friend Eito Nakano was waiting for me, squatting on a short stone wall.

"Hey, Eito! What's up?" He grinned his usual, mischievous grin and tossed me a green apple. "The sky, duh. Managed to snag this while the vendor was busy. Eat up. "I grabbed Eito's outstretched hand and hoisted myself up, onto the wall. I hesitantly took a bite of the apple. "Mmm! These are very good." He looked down and smiled shyly.

"Yeah, made sure to grab a good looking one for you. I also decided to wash it for you." He looked at me and grinned, his face red. I blinked a few times before he decided to scoot closer to me. His short blue hair curtained his reddening face. "Hey?" I placed my hand on his shoulder, a sudden realization dawning on me. "Do you...like me?" He looked at me, a surprised look on his face.

"Is it that obvious?" He placed his face in the palms of his hand. "God, I'm so stupid." I didn't like seeing him hate himself, so I grabbed his face and kissed him. On. The. Dang. Lips. God, what was wrong with me? When we parted he stared so deeply into my eyes.

His face was completely red. "Um, so, um...uh" I giggled at his loss of words. He held my hands in his and stared at them. Then he looked up. "Do you like me?" I felt heat rising into my cheeks.

I smiled tenderly and looked at our interconnected hands. "I...I do." He grinned at me and we leaned in for another kiss.

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