First Friend
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Mack is a lonely 15 year old girl, and she's just started high school. However, she's an outcast as soon as she steps foot into the school.

First Friend

The double doors were open wide, comforting me. It was my first day at Cherry Blossom Private High and nerves were taking hold of me once again. I might as well have thrown up, because when I stepped through, my face was met with a handful of shaving cream. I heard laughter coming from the frontal direction, but my vision was impaired.

I heard the laughter subside as footsteps neared. I wiped the cream from my face, confused by whom the intended target was. When I turned, however, I was met with cold gray eyes. I took a step back and bumped into one of the shaving cream joke perpetrator. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I fell to the ground loudly and looked up. The gray-eyed boy was still standing there, staring intently at me.

Our eyes locked for a quick second before he turned towards the miscreants who were messing with me. "Leave the girl alone." They nodded silently and he added, "You can tell she's poor." I was going to thank him for helping me, but after that comment, I just scoffed and helped myself up. 'Rude rich kids,' I thought to myself as I stared at the paper in my hand, maneuvering the crowded halls.

When I reached my locker, the gray-eyed boy was standing there. "You need something? Or came to apologize for your comment? Oh, wait, no. I'm too poor for-" Before I could finish, our lips connected. He pulled away and smirked. "You don't remember me?"

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