The wolf in sheep clothing (Percy Jackson x Twilight)
The wolf in sheep clothing (Percy Jackson x Twilight)  humor stories

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Diana Solace is Will's twin sister which also means that she is a demigod, a daughter of Apollo. What happen when she is send on a quest to little town call Forks ? She soon realized that there was more to Forks that she though. What will she meets the Cullens and the Wolf pack ? Read it and find out

I don't own Percy Jackson, all right go to it's amazing author Rick Riodan. I don't Twilight, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I don't the pictures because I found them on google. But I do own Diana Solace. Please don't steal my idea,

The wolf in sheep clothing (Percy Jackson x Twilight)

Diana Solace Age: 18 Height: 5'7 Godly parent: Apollo Personality: smart, friendly, outgoing, stubborn, sarcastic , loyal Weapon(s): her sword (Sunlight), Her Bow (Everstrong) Likes: Archery, training, goofing around with Percy, reading, Harry Potter, stars

Dislikes: Bullies, Monsters, Hera, sometimes her father Best Friends: Nico, Percy , Leo Her song: Superheroes by The Script

Chapter 1 Diana's Pov I walk coming back from a sparing matching with Percy which ended in a draw because Annabeth wanted him for something, so we had to stop it because either of us wanted Annabeth to join our friendly match because the last we did that I ended up a sore back. Nico appear in front of me and he look gloomier than usual. "Hi Chiron, Nico said that you need to see me," I said. He nodded and usher me inside the Big House.

"Hey Nico, what's wrong? You look gloomier than usual," I ask. Nico shifted and said "it's nothing just be careful okay. Chiron wants to see you." I nodded and I hug him . "Don't worry Nico, I will be fine," I said. I gave him a kind smile and I walk up to the Big House. I knocked on the door and Chiron answer it .

"Hi Chiron, Nico said that you need to see me," I said. He nodded and usher me inside the Big House.

Chapter 2 Diana's Pov I sat down in a chair by the ping pong table. "So what do need me for?" I ask. Mr, D scowled and said "Be patient, Dixie." I gave Mr. D a dirty look and said "you should remember my name the best because my name is your own sister's roman form name . " Mr. D scoffed and roll his eyes. I sighed and said "seem like I got my wish to lead a quest. I guess, I have to go chose the two campers to come with me." I got up and started to walk towards the door. But Chiron stopped and said "I am afraid, this quest is yours and yours alone. So I think you should get pack because you have a long trip ahead of you to get Forks, Washington." My eyes widened in shock and I nodded. I walk towards Cabin seven.

"Well then, Rachel told me a quest in the midnight. She say the daughter of the light must go to a place that is almost always raining. She will become entangled in a war that is not her own. In the she will make enemies and friends. A wolf come to protect the daughter of light. She will either have great success or a terrible failure in what matters most to her," Chiron said.

I sighed and said "seem like I got my wish to lead a quest. I guess, I have to go chose the two campers to come with me." I got up and started to walk towards the door. But Chiron stopped and said "I am afraid, this quest is yours and yours alone. So I think you should get pack because you have a long trip ahead of you to get Forks, Washington." My eyes widened in shock and I nodded. I walk towards Cabin seven.

Chapter 3 Diana's Pov I opened the door to the Cabin that I share with Will along with my half siblings and I went my bunk. I pull out my galaxy duffle bag and I started to pack the things I need. I pick the photo that was me and the seven. I smiled and I put into my duffle bag. The next picture was one with just me, Nico, and Will. "Hey Sis, " Will said.

I dropped the picture, but I luckily I caught before it the ground. I look at Will and said "jease, Will. You scared me." Will chuckled and said " sorry Sunny, I heard that you are going on a quest by yourself." "Yeah, that's what was we want to know too," Percy said with Leo, Jason, Piper, Nico, and Annabeth behind him. "Yes, I am sure that I will fine. I will IM you guys every day. Now it's time for a group hug," I said.

They all hug and I giggle at Nico's uncomfortable look on his face. I finish packing up and I forgot to change out of camp gear. I walk in the girls' bathroom and I walk into one of the stalls. I lock the stall and I got changed and unlock the stall. I grabbed my duffle bag and I walk towards the entrance. Will was waiting for me at the entrance of Camp Half-blood.

Will hug me and said, "please don't something stupid because we won't be there to save or help you." I roll my eyes and said, "I will be fine. I love you, Will." I gave him one last hug and I walk past the gate.

Chapter 4 Diana's Pov I sighed and said "that was horrible, but I am glad that I am finally here. A mailman walks up to me and said, "a guy asked me to give me this." He handed me and small package. "Have a good day Miss," the mailman said. I smile and said, "you too." I walk over the bench and sat down. I opened it and it had a bunch of mortal money and a note.

The note said 'I got you a studio apartment because this quest is a little different and I also gave you some mortal money, so you can get some clothes and food. Seems that Hermes take a liking to you, something about an amazing prank that you pull on someone or something like that. So he took the package to Forks and give you some golden drachmas to IM your siblings and friends. Love, Dad.'

I smiled and said quietly "Thank you, Dad, and Hermes." I walk to the address that was on the front of the envelope and I use the key to open the door. I walk inside with the box and my duffle bag. I kick the door close and I started to unpack. ~Time skip~ I smiled and my stomach growled. I chuckled and said, "well, I guess it's time to get food." I grabbed a 20 and the key. I walk out the door and lock it.

Chapter 5 Alice's Pov I gasped and started to have a vision, but luckily I wasn't holding anything. A few minutes later, I was back in reality. I felt Jasper's hand on my shoulder and ask "what did you see Darling?" I look at him and said "that's the weird thing, I don't know because was just a bunch random images. It's like someone is blocking me from

seeing it." Carlisle puzzled and said "maybe, another shield like Bella. Hopefully, this person isn't another enemy." Edward laughs humorlessly and said, "oh great, we have another person to worry about on top of the Volturi." Diana's Pov I started to eat my burger and I felt like someone was watching me. I quickly finish my burger and I tipped the waiter.

I walk out of the dinner and started to head towards the forest. Once, I was deep enough in the forest and I took a deep breath. I pull the bow and arrow charm and Everfight appear in my hand. The bag of arrows on my back. I put the arrow on and pull back the sting. I took aim and I waited for whatever god or goddess or Greek monster has come to kill me. I heard the snap of twigs.

I aim Everstrong in the direction where I heard the twigs snaps. It came to view. Oh Hades, it was fucking Minotaur. The Fates must hate me at the moment. "Just my luck, a little demigod all by herself," Minotaur said. "Oh, go to Tartus, you stupid bullhead trophy case," I hissed. I shot an arrow in its eye and He howling in pain. He swung his left arm and his hairy arm

hit me. Which cause me to collide with an innocent tree. I hope to gods that it was a naiad. I grunted in pain and I stood up. Everfight turn back into a charm and I bend the sunlight into the Minotaur's eyes. The hairy ugly monster screamed in pain. I was about to get out Sunlight when a random person just tackles the Minotaur to the ground!

"Are you okay, girl?" the man said as he struggled to keep the monster down. I pull out Sunlight and I stab the stupid trophy head monster. While he was still recovering I quickly put my hood. " I am fine. But you must be half-cyclops or something because a normal person can't see the things that. But goodbye random person have a good life," I said. He started to come towards

and I bend the sunlight to go into his eyes. I dash as fast as I could away from him. I got to my apartment and I quicky unlock the door. I race into my apartment and I quickly shut the door. I grabbed an outfit and I walk into my bathroom. I swiftly shut the door and I got change into a pair of short pajamas pants and an t-shirt that a fish on it which I taken it from Will. I sighed in relief.

"Who was that guy because I never seen someone just tackle the thing that Percy kill when he first got to camp," I mumbled to myself. Emment's Pov I walk back the house rubbing my eyes. "What happened to you, Emment?" Rose ask. I look at her and said "I think just saw a new kind of a vampire, but I am not sure because what just

was crazy." Rose look at me weirdly and said "you do realize that we are vampires and we know people that can transform into the huge wolves and humans think that's crazy." I rolled my eyes and said "whatever."

Chapter 6 Diana's Pov I climbed into a bed and fell asleep. ~Dream~ Suddenly, I was teleport into some castle somewhere in Italy. "Did you see this thing?" a creepy man that remind me of Joker just a little bit ask. "Yes, It did," the lady said. He giggle in his own creepy delight and said "well done. You can leave now."

I heard her exit the room and I took note that there was three man in the room. By the gods, why are they acting like creepy three kings act going on? The creepiest one look right at me and said "don't you know, it's rude eavesdrop. We find you and kill you for this." I force myself to wake up before they could see me or sniff of my smell. ~Dream end~

I bolted upwards and said "well, that's nothing new that someone what want to kill me. It's just three more names to add to list of people that want to kill me. So they will have to get in line." I grabbed an outfit for the day and got dress. I walk into the bathroom and I check the time. "It's 8:30, so Will should be up by now," I said. I turn on the water.

I grab a golden drachma and said "Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering and show me Will Solace." I threw the golden drachma into the water and Will appear and as usual he was in the infirmary room in Camp Half-blood. "Hey Will," I said. Will look at me and said "oh good, I was getting worried about you because usually contact me when get to a place to rest. "

I sighed and said " I am fine, Will. It's that the annoying beast that Percy defeat when he first got to camp attack me and there was this guy that came out of nowhere. He tackles it to the ground. Seriously, not even Tyson can do that. So I think he is a monster of some kind. I going to explore the town. Bye, Will, I love you." The mist disappears and I turn off the water.

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