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Wanda and her brother Pietro are normal people going on with their lives in New York. But everything turns turns upside down when they get pulled into the night world of the city. They uncover the truth about Wanda's boss while trying to stay alive.

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"Let me tell you a story first" stated Steve as he directly looked into the red-haired women's eyes. "Once a man was granted three wishes by a genie."

"For the first wish he asked for endless wealth and good health. He got what he asked for but his entire village was touched by famine and pestilence. Then he asked for immortality."

He became immortal but death claimed his family. What do you think his third wish should be Ms. Maximoff?"

"His last wish should be to kill the genie" stated Wanda. From the look on Steve's eyes she knew this wasn't the answer he had expected but she continued.

"The man could try to undo his last two wishes but there is no guarantee the genie will not twist that finial wish."

"It would be intelligent of the man to kill the genie so no one else befalls his unfortune."

"That's quite intriguing" stated Steve.

"I'm not finished yet, Mr. Rogers. If I may continue?" she raised her eyebrows expectantly. When Steve gave a curt nod she proceeded, "But I think his last wish was to undo the first two wishes.

"He is a human after all. Most of the time we dwell on the past thinking of what could be and could not be. We would give away anything to change the past."

Even though there are mighty chances of failure we hang onto the tiniest amount of hope and try to make a better world for ourselves. So most probably he chose to undo his last two wishes."

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