What we are no longer
What we are no longer art stories
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origami fear leads to anxiety
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What we are no longer

by origami

Door slams shut.

Close minded.

I am not a poet

just as long as you aren't an artist.

I can't serenade you with flowery thoughts

I can't swallow the lump in my throat without spilling memories from my mouth. I cannot write poetry about you without spilling tears.

Window open.

A cold chill strikes me.

You cannot paint to make me forget.

No painting, no sketch, no fragment of art can stop me from thinking about it. About you. A scenic view. A watercolored house. The things we wished for. Art only makes them permanent.

I cannot hide

Behind my smile when the words I write bear all. I cannot write words to woo you or win you back or make you remember

I am not a metaphor.

Or an allegory, Or a character, Or your muse. Not anymore.

You said it yourself.

You are not an artist. So how can I be a poet?

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