[untitled] fear stories
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origami fear leads to anxiety
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is a blessing. it is deafening. it is reassuring and calming. silence

is a curse. it is deafening. it is lonesome.


by origami

My thoughts are loud

but here i stand before a crowd

no words coming out

My thoughts scream and shout

But it’s hard to say what’s on my mind

Because a voice is hard to find I’m a quiet voice but a loud mind

Bravery is what I crave

To speak my my thoughts before I cave in front of these demons who’ve dug my grave I’ve become their slave

I carve these words into the back of my head

They hang to my tongue on a thread But no sounds pour out, my voice is lead

Maybe strong thoughts are better off dead

They have already forgotten what i haven’t said, Bought into the lies I’ve spread

Quiet, they command

Silent, here I stand.

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