To that green lawn chair,
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origamifear leads to anxiety
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I'm so random help

To that green lawn chair,

by origami

Thank you.

Thank you for holding up after all those times that the weather was to wet for the family to handle and they all went inside. You stayed out there and let the tears from heaven fall.

The tomcat down the road thanks you for being his rest stop when his bones are too creaky to continue. You let him sleep until the shake drifted away and the sun came crashing down.

They little girl thanks you for being her throne when she decided that day she was a princess. Even though you had no jewels and your faded green color was far from gold, it was enough for her.

The teenage boy thanks you for being his tanning bed as he sits and types his final essays right before the summer.

Thank you for being a lawn chair.

With no specialties and almost identical to any other. You were always there when I need to be alone with nature.

Thank you for being a lawn chair and so much more.

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This was clever and cute. I love my lawn chair too. This was well written. The message was so cleverly presented that it had me smiling throughout. Great job!!!!