origamifear leads to anxiety
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Trying to make a cute story about butterflies in your stomach, but a more intense feeling... lol idk what i'm doing. Just a quick write


by origami

there is a sinking feeling in my stomach

a goldfish circles around. creating waves. it sits heavy in a cavity, nauseousness

butterflies are dainty

they are light, pretty, and a feeling of loving nervousness but my stomach is full of fish

you, a breeder

a breeder of feeling and of fish the sight of you produces these swimming creatures in my stomach uneasiness, washes over me


how did you make me feel this way? There are fish in my stomach and a ghost in my throat. my fingers tremble and a tsunami rumbles as i try to say hello

A smile makes them go away

you are calming when you speak. But you make waves with your presence I'm happy to have goldfish for you.

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origamifear leads to anxiety
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@bernardtwindwil Thank you for your kind comment!

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
10 months agoReply
This was really a unique take on old metaphors. Rather than triteness, you gave them new life. Your writing is superb. Great poem!!