How to Survive High School
How to Survive High School school stories

origami fear leads to anxiety
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A pessimist's guide to making it through high school.

How to Survive High School

by origami

1. Walk faster.

No one likes a slow walker, Impatience is a virtue. Those who walk slow go to class late, or nowhere in life

2. Don't get too close.

Friends are not eternal, they expire at graduation. Don't let yourself be broken by someone who holds a knife behind their back.

3. Cheat

Everyone cheats, the smartest do it the most. Learn to write small and discreetly between your fingers, in your calculator, the inside of your wrist. It's only wrong if you get caught.

4. Sleep is for the weak.

You can't sleep if you have work to do, School trumps any other importance in your life. A lack of sleep is normal in high school. Don't worry. It's healthy.

5. You are not alone.

We all are bored out of our minds, we are all tired by the monotony, We are regretful, anxious, depressed, suicidal You are not alone.

6. Learn.

Learn how to fake a smile, climb further up the ladder, get A's with half the effort, fit in, and crush the spirits of someone who isn't. There are two options: Learn or fail.

This is it.

Welcome to high school.

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