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origamifear leads to anxiety
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by origami

I am the beer can sitting on my desk,

Crushed and knocked over and batted around. We are crumbling, like the pastries you used to love.

You are cream

so sweet, So pure, and so whole,

Ridding me of my bitter taste.

I am the balloon that I gave you on Valentine’s Day,

Deflated and ignored and thrown away.

We were the paintings

that hang in famous museums loved and admired

But now we are crumpled.

The messed up pieces of paper thrown away.

You tore me up.

I am the glass of scotch that ran over my throat.

Sour and harsh and full of remorse.

We are an anchor

that keeps us from flying towards our dreams.

I was mesmerized by your siren

I drowned, but I am still sinking, you swam out of my reach

You left me:

Vacant, hollow deserted


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