Chocolate Cookies: A Sonnet
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origami fear leads to anxiety
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found some old poems that i wrote a long time ago. i cannot believe that i actually wrote this

Chocolate Cookies: A Sonnet

by origami

Chocolate cookies are like Shakespeare’s plays. They’re famous depending on the makers. Cookies and plays can be seen in all bays, Will’s plays are know by all, even by the Lakers

Shakespeare’s plays and cookies have many sides His plays are “comedies,” but aren’t all fun. Dark chocolate is where bitter collides. Confused? Well you are not the only one.

Alas, after a while, on will be gone. Plays are forever, cookies in tummies, Will is great and good, even on a lawn. Too many cookies make us feel scummy

To eat or not to eat, that is the question,

Just ask yourself this during digestion.

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