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origami fear leads to anxiety
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by origami

it’s 2:51 and I am swallowing my pride,

a mere lump in my throat now. a cold air rushes down my spine and to the soles of my feet

A ghost taps my head

I turn around and it’s you again.

Now it’s 11:11

and I’m wishing for miracles

I’m pulling daisy petals

With roses gritted between my teeth I’m wasting wishes on you

it’s 8:20 in the morning again

and i’m smiling bigger than normal hoping you catch my grin like you steal my thoughts i give sly glances at you again, hoping you don’t catch me in the art

the roses clenched between my teeth are replaced with coffee

a shade of exhaustion is worn under my eye

An 11:11 hopes that you see past it

and catch my quiet remarks again It’s 10:14 and those blue eyes find one of my glances and Something else steals my attention can those blue eyes see the red that dust my cheeks

It’s 11:11 again

My dreams float like butterflies

I hope you catch them this time

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