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orcastogether ❤ Stay sunshiny ❤
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Peace is important and delves far deeper than we could imagine. I entered this poem into the World Peace contest! Hope you like it, and pls vote for it!

World Peace

Look, child, look over there At those people who live unaware Of the clear waters that sparkle in their seas Or the sweet smell that waft with their breeze

Mama, is that really the Earth? The realm of war and hidden mirth? I thought it was just hate all along It is possible that we are wrong?

Hush child, look carefully How the people’s faces drag wearily They are tired of war, do you see? All they wish is to be free

Free from what, mama? What do they need? Their world looks quite beautiful indeed Those clouds swirl above verdant lands Their sun tints gold the glistening sands

No child, not the lands or the skies Not what you can see with your two eyes I speak of what exists there within The realm that lies beneath their skin

Their skin, mama? What lies within? Why, shan’t that just be the joy and sin? Isn’t that all that lies inside? The canvas that portrays their two sides

Oh, child, how naive you are What lies in them is much more bizarre Inside sits sorrow and pain to release So that all that’s left is world peace

-- OrcasTogether

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