Teach Yourself to Swim
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orcastogether ❤ Stay sunshiny ❤
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Fight for yourself :) This is a poem I wrote a long time ago, so I apologize if it’s not my best work :).

Teach Yourself to Swim

There was a time when I was trapped

On an island none could see

As I waited there on the darkened lands

For someone to find me

Days and days spent gazing out

At the still, empty waters

Never knowing when the day will come

That my life here would falter

I wonder if there would be a day

I would want life less than death

But if I tried jumping into the sea

I know I would hold my breath

Staying here, I am confined

On an island of my own making

Wondering if this day will be my last

But next morning I keep waking

There's no way off this silent place

No way to end this pain

And I can't stop my will to live

From continuing to drain

As I gaze upon the shimmering blue

I know no one's here to save me

And as I watch the days ticking by

I know no one's here to free me

But now I know as I continue to live

My freedom's not defined by others

And I cannot keep waiting here

To be freed by another

So now I know never to wait

Until the tank fills to the brim

When no one's there to witness you drown

You teach yourself to swim

-- OrcasTogether

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