Lost One, Do You Want To Be Found?
Lost One, Do You Want To Be Found? dark stories

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This is a poem inspired by the lyrics of “The Dark” by Beth Crowley. Enjoy!

Lost One, Do You Want To Be Found?

I'm scared,

I'm scared, I'm afraid,

I'm scared, I'm afraid, where am I?

I'm lost, the shadowed monsters have me trapped

There are

There are e

There are e y

There are e y e

There are e y e s

There are e y e s staring at me

My will is leaking, my strength is sapped

How could things have gone so wrong?

It seemed only yesterday I was fine

Why was I led off that path?

The fate of the evil and mine entwine

Perhaps there's a reason that I'm led here

For every joy you find has a cost

You can never find your way back to your road

If you are too afraid to get lost

You don't know how much you'd like to breath

Until you have almost been drowned

And it's your choice to walk the light or dark

So tell me, lost one, do you want to be found?

-- OrcasTogether

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