A Peaceful World
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orcastogether ❤ Stay sunshiny ❤
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The poem of life and the world.

A Peaceful World

Sun rising along with the dawn

Sorrow etched in rivers of tears

Tranquil enladened in the setting dusk

Joy begins to outlast the fear

Peace claimed by centuries of war

Change does not come without a price

Yet the gentleness of nature still remains

In the cleansing sunlight, crackling ice

Days and days, ticking on

Always changing, us humans too

Nevertheless we're rooted to the Earth

The element of nature still holding true

And so we embrace the shift of mankind

For sun and moon still shine bright

And when you are lost and afraid

Remember, there's always a path back to the light

And though you remain trapped in the dark...

It is only in darkness you can see the stars

-- OrcasTogether

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