Jimmy the middle child...
Jimmy the middle child... jimmy stories

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Jimmy was born the middle child, he can't change that. He is unfavourited, and get's no love nor attention from his parents. His older brother Conner is a bit spoiled, and his younger sister Avery gets all the attention, but what does Jimmy get? Nothing. But someway or somehow he changes his parents thought train.

By: OrangePlayzNow (me)

Jimmy the middle child...

by OrangePlayzNow.

Jimmy has an older brother, and is going to have younger brother or sister. Jimmy's older brother's name is Conner. Jimmy is only 6 weeks old.

His mother had the baby when he was 9 months 6 weeks and 2 days. Suddenly Jimmy lost all the attention.

His mother and father yelling all the time! "Pick up Avery!" "Change Avery's diaper!" "Put Avery down for a nap!" That's what it was like to live in Jimmy's house.

Jimmy never got any attention anymore, and by the time Avery his baby sister was sleeping, Conner had to go to soccer.

Most of the time Jimmy was left in his crib all day and night, but when he was lucky his father came running back for him to get to Conner's soccer game.

Conner was a bit spoiled, and Avery got all the attention, but what did Jimmy get?

Nothing! Once Jimmy turned 5 he started to ask his mom and dad if he could go to school, his dad said "Only if you get good grade's boy.

" and is mother said "Well maybe, you will have to study very hard though Jimmy Bardon.

" Jimmy answered to both of them, "I will work my butt off!

" Jimmy did get sent to school, himself in grade 1 with his younger sister Avery in the same class as him since they were born in the same year. Conner was in grade 3 since he was 8 turning 9.

Jimmy could get straight A's if he cared, but he would still be the unfavourited child throughout his siblings. Jimmy throughout his grades always studied hard and got straight A's all the time.

Jimmy got his parents to say one thing to him that was actually nice, and it was...

"We are taking you out to dinner since you worked so hard through these 5 years, and still have not had an A, A-,B+,B,B-. We are proud of you Jimmy Bardon, are son.

" Jimmy was in tears after his father said that to him.

His mother and father gave him a big hug, like when he was first born! Jimmy Bardon had, had a hard life through these 10 years, but his parents finally accepted him, as himself, Jimmy Bardon!

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