Small little place (a short mystery fiction)
Small little place (a short mystery fiction) stuffs stories

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An interesting short mystery fiction about a high school student being kidnapped an tries to escape.

Small little place (a short mystery fiction)

As soon as I'm back in consciousness, I realized the fact that I am kidnapped by someone

It's a small little place here, my eyes had been covered, I don't know where I am or why am I here.

So just let me try to get this straight first.

I am only a high school student,

My family is not rich, in fact, they are poor, so I don't believe they kidnapped me for money.

I'm always the type of person who sits in the back of the classroom reading a book with the average grade so no one should hate me.

I only have 3 friends and they seem like not those who would kidnap someone for fun.

So we are left with only a few possibilities.

But before I think deep into those possibilities, I should try to figure out where I am first and try to get out of here.

I'm pretty much sitting on the ground

there is nothing on my left nor right

my hands are tied up to my back with...some sort of rope...?

my legs are also tied up

I can't see anything because there is something that covered my eyes.

Judging from all these factors, this kidnapping doesn't seem that professional to me, someone who is terribly interested in Crime and mystery books.

Since I can still move a little, and I can still speak.


If I can still speak..... it is either that they are too dumb to let me yell for help, or its that I'm in a place that even if I yell for help, no one will hear me.....

I believe it's the second one.

( to be continued tomorrow)

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