A small little place-continued(short fiction)
A small little place-continued(short fiction) kidnap stories

orange Just a random girl here ;)
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A weird little mystery thriller about someone being kidnapped

A small little place-continued(short fiction)

If u are reading this and didn't read the first part yet, plz read the first part first! Thx

Okay, this place is very dark for sure, and no one can hear me here, so I'm assuming this is someone's basement..?

I can sense this bit of weird smell coming from somewhere really close to me.

That smell is not normal, definitely not a smell a normal person would sense

but it seems very familiar to me somehow

What is that smell? Blood? No, not blood, blood has a way more intense smell than this.

Dead bodies? No, dead bodies stink so much more than this

Wait... how in the hell would I know how those weird things smell like??????

But somehow I just know that its there, in my memory...

Anyways, I should think of a way to get out of here first.

I tried to move my legs a little more, trying to find if something is near me

No... nothing...

I try again, this time crawling on the ground like a little helpless worm looking for food

I know I look really funny right now... but it's fine as long as I can get out of this weird place

(to be continued)

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