What I miss
What I miss prepandemic stories

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the simple things I took for granted before the pandemic.

What I miss

I miss seeing people's faces.

Beard, make-up, cheeks, and noses with different sizes

But now we have to wear a mask to avoid diseases

I miss the care-free dining experience

Casual dinner, fastfood, buffet, any of the essence

But now, al-fresco restaurants and delivery services, offer the best convenience.

I miss working out in the gym and playing sports

Whether it's lifting weights or messing around with my friends on the court

But now, we have heavier problems to sort

I miss going to the cinema to watch movies

Accompanied with plain salted-popcorn, Hotdogs, and Sprite with no worries

But now, we're stuck at home with Netflix, streaming series

I miss drinking out in bars with my friends

Dancing to every beat, chugging bear, taking shots until the blurry night ends

But now we drink in front of each other's webcams, so the pandemic won't extend.

I just miss pre-covid times in general

no masks, no face shields, no curfews, you know, the typical.

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